CHE's Organisation

Overview of CHE's organisation

Organisationsschema President of KTH Peter Gudmundson Dean Mikael Lindström and Vice Dean Mats Jonsson Management group Strategic Advisory Council The School Faculty's Council Director of First and Scond Cycle Education Director of Third Cycle Education Administration Dept. of Chemistry Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Technology Dept. of Engineering Pedagogics Dept. of Fibre and Polymer Technology

Strategic Advisory Council

The School's Strategic Advisory Council comprises an advisory board for the Dean in the following cases:

  • significant cases concerning the School's organisation
  • development and operational plan, budget, annual report and annual accounts
  • overall issues concerning education
  • other significant cases for the School.

Management group (LG)

The Dean has a management group for operational issues and as an information and discussion forum. In addition to the Dean, the management group comprises the vice Dean, GA, FA, heads of departments, Head of Administration, Financial Manager, Human Resources Manager and two student representatives.

Collaboration group (SSG)

The SSG consists of representatives of the trade unions ST and Saco-S at KTH and employer's representatives. Issues addressed in SSG include employment cases and work environment issues

The School Faculty's Council

An advisory board, The School Faculty's Council, has been established with responsibility for preparing and advising on all major decisions in core funding, particularly issues relating to recruitment. Decisions on the various issues taken by the Dean or GA according to KTH current rules.
The work shall be in accordance with KTH's current policies and procedures and will be revised in line with these.

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