List of courses

These are the courses that are given in the Division of Biocomposites:

SD2505, Biomaterials and Products (7 hp)

Biobased materials are of great interest, both scientifically and in the context of industrial development. Scientifically, biomimetics is developing as an active interdisciplinary research area where ideas in nature are applied in product development. Also, many Swedish companies rely on a business concept where sustainability through the use of biobased materials and products is important. Examples include TetraPak, IKEA, the automotive industry, and the forest industries with associated businesses (StoraEnso, SCA, Södra, Kährs, Tarkett, Skanska mfl). Existing biobased materials include paper and board, corrugated board, wood and wood composites as well as new biobased composites used in the automotive industry as well as in building, consumer and industrial applications (decorative laminates, molding compounds, fiber products). The mentioned materials and their associated products need continuous development as well as new applications.

The aim of the course is to develop an understanding for structure and properties of biobased materials. Examples include industrial biocomposites, wood and materials from natural fibers. Particular emphasis is placed on micromechanics of composites, principles of materials design, and the coupling between material distribution and geometrical shape in mechanically efficient structures.

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KF2430, Functional and Nanostructured Polymers (7,5 hp)

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