Nuclear Waste Engineering

Project descriptions

Most of our work over the last three decades has been directed towards applying chemical engineering thinking and principles including transport phenomena, chemistry and thermodynamics on processes in natural system. We have studied the release and fate of contaminants in soils and subsoils using field and laboratory experiment and modeling . We have studied metal release and transport from mine tailings, transport and microbially mediated degradation of organic contaminants from oil spills, radionuclide migration from final repositories to the biosphere, radon escape from rocks to buildings and may other phenomena. About 30 Ph.D. thesis have resulted so far.

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Studies of liquid states

Flow and solute transport in individual fractures in rocks

Flow and solute transport in 3D fracture networks in crystalline rocks

Transport and sorption processes in an electric field

Model for near and far field

Radionuclide migration

Coupled solute transport

Colloidal properties of smectite clays

Modeling of filter cake

Erosion of bentonite buffer

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