Research at Coating Technology

Our main interest is in the interplay macromolecular architecture and macroscopic properties applied to thin polymer films. At present, we work on dendritic polymers (dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers), living ring-opening polymerization and on ”controlled” radical polymerisation (CRP). CRP is currently being explored as a tool to modify the surface properties of various biofibres.

One applied area is synthesis of new coating resins with low solvent emission, low temperature curing, improved mechanical and barrier properties, and to understand how chemical structure and architecture influence these properties.

Another area is polymers for photonic applications. The aim is to evaluate and develop advanced polymer technology for integration of optics and electronics at the component and systems levels. Further, to develop a fundamental understanding of the relationships between molecular structure and architecture versus macroscopical user properties such as optical, mechanical and thermal properties, and processability of the systems .

A third area is advanced thin films based on polymer nanocomposites. The potential for new paints, coatings, diffusion barriers and functional polymer films is tremendous. The structure may be tailored not only on the molecular and micro-level, but also at intermediate scales. This offers the potential of hierarchical control, much like the more sophisticated morphologies present in materials synthesized in nature.

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