Professor Anders Hult

Anders Hult


Coating Chemistry and Dendritic Materials.

The research activities in Coating Technology are divided into several research areas. Our main interest is in the interplay macromolecular architecture and macroscopic properties applied to thin polymer films. In order to study this several synthetic tools have to be mastered. At present, we work on dendritic polymers (dendrimers, dendronized polymers and hyperbranched polymers), living ring-opening polymerization and on "controlled" radical polymerisation (CRP). CRP is currently being explored as a tool to modify the surface properties of various biofibres.
Traditional studies of polymeric materials have relied on the synthesis, observation, and manipulation of large ensembles of macromolecules with widely varying structural parameters. The long-term future of polymer research will be significantly different; macromolecular aspects such as 3-D structure, molecular size, and functional group placement will be stringently regulated to permit unprecedented control over physical and mechanical properties. These tailor-made materials, which will play key roles in the emerging area of nanotechnology, form the basis of my research vision.


Synthesis of adhesive polymers for difficult substrates


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