Professor Eva Malmström Jonsson

Ewa Malmström


Macromolecular architecture

My research activities are focused on the synthesis of polymers with various architectures. In order to do so several synthetic tools have to be mastered. At present, we work on dendritic polymers (dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers) and on "controlled" radical polymerization. Furthermore, we are interested in the interplay macromolecular architecture and macroscopic properties.


Cellulose surface modification

Assya Boujemaoui

Surface modification of metal oxide nanoparticals through controlled radical polymerization for improving electrical insulation in HVDC cables

Carmen Cobo Sanchez

Hemicellulose as a constituent in a "green" wood adhesive

Emelie Norström

Functional polymer nanocomposites for high-voltage insulation

Martin Wåhlander


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