Jinshan Pan

Jinshan Pan

Joined Corrosion Science in 1992


Electrochemical analysis of corrosion phenomena


Curriculum Vitae

 Born 1962 in Anhui, China. Bachelor in 1983 in Corrosion and Protection of Metals, and MSc. in 1986 in Surface Science and Corrosion Engineering, at Beijing University of Science and Technology. During 1986-1990 worked at Central Iron and Steel Research Institute, Beijing, China. During 1990-1992 worked at Swedish Corrosion Institute. Doctor of Science in 1996 in Corrosion Science at KTH. Employment as Research Associate at the Division of Corrosion Science at KTH since 1997. Docent and associate professor in Corrosion Science at KTH since 2003. Professor in Corrosion Science since 2010. Author or co-author of 90 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and 14 papers in conference proceedings.

I have been focusing on the study of localized corrosion of various alloys and new green corrosion protection strategies by advanced electrochemical methods, including state-of-the-art microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. My research activities have been in close collaboration with Swedish industries. All the graduate students are at least partially financed by one or more Swedish companies, and the research projects have resulted in joint publications and patents.

Supervising PhD students:

Fan Zhang, 2013. Thesis title Mussel adhesive protein (Mefp-1) – a green corrosion inhibitor.

Namurata Sathirachinda, 2010. Thesis title Relative nobility of precipitated phases in stainless steels – evaluation with a combination of local probing techniques.

Ali Davoodi, 2008. Thesis title In-situ electrochemical study of mechanism of localized corrosion of Al alloys.

Johan Öijerholm, 2007. Thesis title Study of transport properties of oxides.

Anna Norlin, 2005. Thesis title Investigation of electrochemical properties and performance of stimulating/sensing electrodes for pacemaker applications.

Marc Femenia, 2003. Thesis title Corrosion behavior of duplex stainless steels in acidic-chloride solutions studied with micrometer resolution.

Daniel Wallinder, 2001. Thesis title Studies of surface treatments of stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance.

Sergei Rudenja, 1999. Thesis title Duplex TiN coating on stainless steel – an electrochemical and surface analysis study.

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