Individual study plan – Doctoral programs at CSC

We now require that the KTH form (or a form with the same headings in the same order) be used for the individual study plan. See also requirements and clarifications below concerning what information must be included in the individual study plan.

The form is handed in to the administrator for doctoral studies Caroline Nordquist. Queries about the study plan are answered by Caroline Nordquist or sent to

Each student admitted to a doctoral program (third cycle program) shall compose an individual study plan before admission. There is an official KTH form in word-format common to all of KTH. We require that this form or one with exactly the same headings in exactly the same order be used.

The study plan is to be composed in consultation with the student’s supervisor, and shall include a time-table and work plan for the student’s doctoral studies.

The plan should be made in detail for the coming year, but can be more general for the final part of the studies. The individual study plan is to be updated when necessary, but at least on a yearly basis. Each new version of the study program is to be submitted to the doctoral studies administration.

The following information must be included:

Under "Total planned study period, years/months" the actual effective study time is to be specified (when specified in months these are sometimes referred to as "doctoral student months"). A doctoral student normally has an activity level of 80% during the entire course of study, i.e. 4 years’ effective study time during 5 years from admission to graduation.

Under "Achievements so far, percentage of total degree requirements" the actual percentage of degree requirements completed must be specified as indicated by the heading, but also the effective study time which has been utilized. The latter, two years after admission, will amount to 1.6 years for a student who has had an activity level of 80% throughout the two years.

The number of credits for courses taken before admission to doctoral studies and credits for doctoral courses must be calculated separately and correctly. The signature of the supervisor or of the head of graduate studies does not constitute the approval of an incorrectly calculated sum of credits.

Further instructions in Swedish can be found using the link below.

The form for the individual study program is found using the link below.

Tips for filling in the individual study plan

Template for individual study plan

The KTH forms archive

Individual study plans

 In order to download the form "Individual study plan FO-INDS", go to the KTH form archive (KTHs blankettarkiv).

Many PhD students at CSC prefer LaTeX over MS Word. The PhD Students Council has written a LaTeX template that is meant to be equivalent to the official Word-template for the study plan. You can find templates for individual doctoral student study plans  here. Please note that the LaTex template is not updated frequently. Therefore, you may need to update it yourself with information from the KTH form archive