Research at the School of Education and Communication in Engineering Science (ECE) at KTH

The goal of the research at the ECE school is to ultimately improve the quality of technology education at all levels and thereby strengthen Sweden as a technology nation.

The ECE school builds a comprehensive research platform in Education and Communication in Engineering Science with a research environment that is nationally known and established.

About the research web

These research web pages are under development, the pages will be filled with more information about the projects and publications.

Blended learning

Webinar about Blended Learning started the North Plus Project "Blending Swedish"

The North Plus Project Blending Swedish will examine how to successfully integrate existing online material in classroom teaching. The projcet began with a webinar about blended learning environments. See the webinar here.

Flipped classroom provides better exam results

Teachers who focus on interactive learning are supported by research in teaching and learning in higher education. New teaching methods can yield better results in the exams, according to evaluations at KTH.

Michael Cronhjort (educational developer at ECE School, Dep. of Learning) says to Campi that he did not think the difference would be so big.

Read an English version of the original article from Campi

Foto: Region Gotland

Important to study research

More research is needed on research and research policy needs to be more evidence-based. That was the gist of the seminar "navel-gazing or community benefit?" Lars Geschwind, professor at ECE School participated in the Almedalsveckan, a forum for speaking and debate on the Island of Gotland.

Personal educator does the trick

Imagine if every pupil or student could have their own personal teacher. Research at KTH shows that it is possible through the network - even for conducting quality education.

In a recent study Stefan Stenbom shows how personal coaching over the net can be used on a broader front for the future of learning in both school and university studies.

Thesis of Stefan Stenbom: Online coaching as a Relationship of Inquiry

Bibliometri vid KTH.

New research at the bibliometrics group

Per Ahlgren and Peter Sjögårde at bibliometrics at ECE are working on a new research project entitled "Exploring the relationship between reference Practices and Impact: Implications for normalized citation indicators". The project studies the relationship between the properties of the references in the Web of Science publications and the impact of citation publishing.

New report identifies research on higher education

Higher education has undergone  major changes in Sweden during the first ten years of the 2000s. This puts higher education in a new situation. In a report by Eva Forsberg Uppsala University and Lars Geschwind at ECE School at KTH, they describe the conditions for conducting and disseminating research in the field of higher education with regard to how it looks today. They even come with suggestions for future research initiatives and priorities.

The title of the report is "Research on Higher Education - actors, environments and themes".

Read it in Swedish (only).

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