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IEEE Workshop on High-Power Electronics for Decarbonizing Energy Grids

Venue Brinellvägen
Venue Brinellvägen 23, B2, Floor 1, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden

Time: Wed 2024-06-19 08.30 - Thu 2024-06-20 16.00

Location: KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden

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High-Power Electronics for Decarbonizing Energy Grids

The worldwide shift towards electrification and digitalization mandates the adoption of energy-efficient and economically viable methods for electricity generation, transmission, and utilization. Meeting this demand requires the integration of power electronics and digital technologies, which are critical to address these challenges. Recently, modern energy grids are increasingly incorporating high-power, high-/medium-voltage power electronic converters and systems, e.g., high-voltage direct-current (HVDC), static synchronous compensators (STATCOMs), large-scale renewable power plants and power-to-x stations, hyperscale data centers, solid-state circuit breakers, solid-state transformers, and grid-forming energy storage systems, etc.

The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum where speakers from government, industry and academia can share and discuss the latest developments in high-power electronics and digital technologies for future net-zero energy systems. With a strong industry focus, the event is co-sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and Digital Futures, and co-organized by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Hitachi Energy. The programme features three topic areas: 1) high-power electronic devices and converters, 2) system integration and operation, 3) grid stability, security, and digitalization.


Wednesday 19 June

Introduction and Opening Speech

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
08:30 Introduction Xiongfei Wang KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
08:45 Opening Speach Johan H Enslin

IEEE PELS President (2025-2026), USA

Session 1: High-Power Devices and Converters 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation


Transforming the U.S Grid: Innovations in Next-Generation Hardware

Andre Pereira

Department of Energy, USA


Modular Multilevel Converters Based on IGCT: Insights and Application Use-Cases

Philippe Maibach

Hitachi Energy, Switzerland


High Power SiC and GaN Device Technology for Sustainable Electrification

Mikael Östling

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

10:30 Break . .


System Benefits, Design, Control, and Testing of High Voltage SiC Power Electronics for Grid Applications

Fred Wang

University of Tennesee, Knoxville, USA


Potential of SiC Power Devices for Overloadability Assessment

Muhammad Nawaz

Hitachi Energy, Sweden


Latest Developments on High Voltage Power Semiconductor Devices and Packaging

Alan Mantooth

University of Arkansas, USA

IEEE PELS Past President

12:30 Panel Discussion . .

Session 2: System Integration and Operation 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation

Renewable Generation Integration Through Power Electronics: GB System Experience

Xiaoyao Zhou National Grid ESO, UK

The Role of Multi-Terminal HVDC Networks to Fast Track Capacity Release for Renewable Generation Integration

Johan H Enslin IEEE PELS President (2025-2026), USA

Wide Bandgap Power Electronics for HVDC: Challenges and Opportunities

Jin Wang The Ohio State University, USA
15:30 Break . .

VSC -The Right Toolbox for AC and DC Grids

Frans Dijkhuizen Hitachi Energy, Sweden

System Integration Challenges of Renewable Hydrogen Production

Yin Sun Shell, Netherlands

Interaction on AC side – Multi-Infeed Study – Theory and Practice

Ying-Jiang Hafner, Hitachi Energy, Sweden
17:30 Panel Discussion . .
18:30 Mingle Event . .

Thursday 20 June

Session 3: Stability, Security, and Digitalization 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation

Navigating the Electricity Landscape: Perspectives on Power Electronics

Bogdan DŽONLAGA Électricité de France, France

Bridging Theory and Practice: Managing Stability in Future Swedish Power System

Oscar Lennerhag Svenska Kraftnät, Sweden

Passivity and Dissipativity as Design Objectives and Stability Assessment of Grid-Connected VSCs

Lennart Harnefors

ABB Corporate Research, Sweden
10:30 Break . .

Exploring Grid-Forming Functional Specifications

Xiongfei Wang

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Toward a Coherent Theory for Grid Forming Control Analysis

Xavier Guillaud University of Lille, France

Power Electronics and Digitalization for a Flexible Fossil-Free Energy System

Ambra Sannino Vattenfall, Sweden

Challenges on Power System Protection within IBR Source Penetrated Systems

Jianping Wang Hitachi Energy, Sweden
13:00 Panel Discussion . .

Lunch 13:30

Close-Door Brainstorming Discussion 14:30

Time Title Speaker Affiliation


IEEE Technology Roadmap on High-Power Electronics for Modern Energy Grids

Xiongfei Wang KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden



IEEE Power Electronics Society, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Digital Futures


Prof. Xiongfei Wang, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Dr. Frans Dijkhuizen, Hitachi Energy Research, Sweden


Xiaonan Gao,
Liang Zhao,
Feifan Chen,


Registration is free and deadline is 09 June 2024. A no-show fee of €300 is charged for registrant who does not show up.
Registration link:

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Elite Hotel Arcadia : 5-minute walk to KTH
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Hotel Birger Jarl : 15-minute walk to KTH

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