Johan Nordstrand represents KTH at SIYSS 2019

Published Sep 16, 2019

With his research project on making the production of freshwater cheaper and more accessible, Johan will participate at this year’s Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar.

Johan Nordstrand

Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) is an annual event by the coalition of Young Scientists (Unga Forskare). Every year, 25 of the world’s most prominent young scientists get the chance to present an individual research project and participate in exciting activities and exclusive events affiliated with the Nobel Week.

This year the jury has nominated Johan Nordstrand as the representative from KTH. He has a Master’s degree in Nanotechnology and is currently working on a project to make the production of freshwater cheaper and more accessible.

"Producing fresh water through desalination is essential for addressing the global water crisis. It is a great pleasure for me to get the opportunity to come to Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar and talk about my work in capacitive deionization done at KTH,” says Johan.

Johan Nordstrand’s research

Scarcity of freshwater is a serious issue in the world and freshwater constitute less than 1 % of the water on earth

Capacitive deionization (CDI) is an environmentally friendly desalination technology getting increasing attention in recent years. While promising, the technology needs to be developed further before it can see widespread use, and modeling can be a way of expediting these developments.

The current project aims at rendering CDI modeling more accessible by developing a model that could accurately predict and optimize CDI performance, while being simpler and more transparent than earlier models. It is hoped that this model could make CDI modeling accessible to a wider audience, thus making it easier for this desalination technology to be further developed and more widely adopted to help humanity.