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On this page, we collect what has been said, told or written about us and our research in international media during 2018.


Making Radio Chips for Hell
IEEE Spectrum, 2018-05-15

Platform for Mobile Networks Would Bring Services Up to Speeds of 100 Gbps 
ACM Tech News, 2018-05-15

Platform For Mobile Networks Would Bring Services Up To Speeds Of 100 Gbps
ECNMag, 2018-05-15

Platform for mobile networks would bring services up to speeds of 100 Gbps, 2018-05-15 

Metron: NFV Service Chains at the True Speed of the Underlying Hardware
NSDI 18, 2018-05-15

Svensk spissteknologi skal beskytte oppkoblede biler mot hackere, 2018-01-15

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Swedish AI superstar: "We're falling behind"
Business Insider Nordic, 2018-04-30

Swedish AI superstar: 'We're falling behind'
VAU, 2018-05-01

Ghost in the machine: the robot that can understand emotion
Ceuts news, 2018-04-06

The 32 coolest and most influential women in Nordic tech
Business Insider Nordic, 2018-03-08

Medical technology 

Permeable Capsule Could Be Packed with Cells That Fight Cancer
Science and Technology Research News, 2018-04-24

KTH researchers produced microparticles with encapsulated cells that can be used as implants to fight cancer, diabetes or heart disease
Europawire, 2018-04-18

30 ways Graphene is about to change your life
Badbody magazine, 2018-03-09

Model for producing brain's 'helper cells' could lead to treatments for Alzheimer's
Medical press, 2018-02-16

Researchers create DNA wires 100 times more sensitive than other biosensors
Infosurhoy, 2018-02-15

DNA Wires That Are 100x More Sensitive Than Other Biosensors
Front Line Genomics, 2018-02-14

More-sensitive DNA nanowires promise better measurements of biological processes
Breitbart, 2018-02-12

New DNA wires are 100 times more sensitive than other biosensors
ScienceDaily, 2018-02-12

Powerful DNA wire biosensors could measure hundreds of biological processes simultaneously
Innovation Toronto, 2018-02-12

Structuring Spider Silk
ChemistryViews, 2017-12-20

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