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On this page, we collect what has been said, told or written about us and our research and education in international media during 2019.

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NASA scientists confirm water vapor on Europa
SmartWater Magazine, 2019-11-26

NASA scientists confirm water vapor on Europa
Infowars, 2019-11-21

NASA Scientists Found Water Vapour On Jupiter's Moon Europa
Dailyhunt, 2019-11-21

NASA spots water vapor on Jupiter's moon Europa
Bangalore Mirror, 2019-11-21

Water Vapor Confirmed on Jupiter’s Moon Europa by NASA Scientists
SciTechDaily, 2019-11-20

NASA Scientists Confirm Water Vapor on Europa, 2019-11-20

NASA discovery fuels hopes in search for life beyond Earth
MSN, 2019-11-19

Water vapor found on Jupiter's moon Europa, fueling hopes in search for life beyond Earth
CBS News, 2019-11-19

Water Vapor Was Just Found on Europa, More Evidence There’s Liquid Water Beneath All that Ice
Univers today, 2019-11-19

Astronomers Directly Detect Water Vapor on Europa for First Time
ScienceNews, 2019-11-19

NASA scientists confirm water vapor on Europa, 2019-11-19

Water Vapor Plumes on Europa
NASA Goddard (YouTube), 2019-11-18


A Californian business is using A.I. to change the way we think about energy storage
EQ International, 2019-06-14

How an island in the Baltic Sea is trying to make renewables a reliable part of its energy mix
CNBC, 2019-05-31


This Compact and Cheap Lidar Could Steer Small Autonomous Vehicles
STRN Science and Technology Research News, 2019-04-09

This compact and cheap lidar could steer small autonomous vehicles
OCT News, 2019-04-09

Neue Mini-Lidar-Sensoren für autonom fahrende Autos
ICT Kommunikation, 2019-04-10

This Compact and Cheap Lidar Could Steer Small Autonomous Vehicles
ECN Mag, 2019-04-11

40 ways graphene is about to change your life
TechRadar, 2019-03-13

Waterproof Contacts for Graphene Electronic Circuits
STRN Science & Technology Research News, 2019-02-18


3 Ways to Prevent AI from Becoming Creepy
Callcentre helper, 2019-10-11

From conducting job interviews to vocational training, Swedish start-up sees robots as a game changer
The Edge Markets, 2019-07-19

Swedish job candidates to be grilled by robotic interviewer
The Local, 2019-06-01

AI reads emotions via speech, facial expressions
Daily Sabah, 2019-04-12

AI robot removes bias from job interviews
Inavate, 2019-04-02

AI robot removes bias from job interviews
Inavate, 2019-04-02

Meet Tengai, a pursuit talk drudge who won’t decider you
People Magazine, 2019-03-24

Meet Tengai, the job interview robot who won’t judge you
Recruitment Times, 2019-03-13

Meet Tengai, the job interview robot who won't judge you
BBC News, 2019-03-12

Evaluating robots as teachers or partners in language learning exercises
TechXplore, 2019-02-19

Furhat Robotics selected as finalist for coveted SXSW Innovation Award
Robotics Tomorrow, 2019-01-22

Computer science

People are building technology that could survive the apocalypse
FastCompany, 2019-11-08

Meet the Bots That Review and Write Snippets of Facebook's Code
IEEE Spectrum, 2019-01-24


Jim Dowling, CEO of Logical Clocks – Irish Tech News
SNB, 2019-03-12

Imagine a text field where we must motivate our travel, column by Professor Wouter van der Wijngaart
Curie: mitt i forskningen, 2019-03-06

Hennes & Mauritz : H&M's nomination committee proposes election of Danica Kragic Jensfelt to the board of directors
MarketScreener, 2019-03-06

H&M to nominate Danica Kragic Jensfelt to its board of directors
Fashio United, 2019-03-06

H&M to appoint Danica Kragic Jensfelt to board
The Retail Bulletin, 2019-03-06

New H&M board member has crucial AI and robotics background
Fashio Network, 2019-03-06

H&M to elect computer scientist to its board
Retail Gazette, 2019-03-06

Sweden’s Reactor 1 – then and now
Nuclear Engineering International, 2019-01-16

Medical technology

Exploring the Mechanisms of Memory
Technology networks, 2019-11-08

The way of making memories
Medical xpress, 2019-11-08

The Space-Time Fabric of Brain Networks
Research in Germany, 2019-11-05

Graphene allows creation of smallest ever accelerometer
Materials today, 2019-09-18

Breakthrough in sensor and navigation technology thanks to graphene
Innovation Origins, 2019-09-06

Graphene Forms Basis for World’s Smallest Accelerometer, 209-09-05

Klein, kleiner, am kleinsten
Springer Professional, 2019-09-05

Researchers creates ultra-small accelerometer using graphene
Engineering 360, 2019-09-05

World’s Smallest Accelerometer Points to New Era in Wearables, Gaming
STRN Science & Technology Research News, 2019-09-04

Swedish researchers unveil world's smallest accelerometer
Financials. com, 2019-09-03

World's smallest accelerometer points to new era in wearables
Nano-magazine, 2019-09-03

The World's Smallest Accelerometer Could Change Gaming and Wearables, 2019-09-03

Graphen liefert die Basis für den kleinsten Beschleunigungssensor der Welt
Innovation report, 2019-09-03

Breakthrough In Body Sensor And Navigation Technologies
Techristic, 2019-09-03

Pills give patients a shot inside the stomach
Science, 2019-02-08

An ingestible self-orienting system for oral delivery of macromolecules
Science, 2019-02-08

Waterproof graphene electronic circuits
DirectIndustry, 2019-02-06

Waterproof electronic circuits made of graphene
Electronics online, 209-02-06

Waterproof graphene electronic circuits
Directy industry, 2019-02-04

Waterproof Graphene Sensors
Techristic, 2019-01-31

Graphene waterproof electronic circuits – ScienceDaily, 2019-01-31

Waterproof graphene electronic circuits, 2019-01-31

A New Glucose Monitor for Diabetics Proves Virtually Painless and Even More Accurate
STRN Science and Technology Research News, and2019-01-22

Swedish scientists create painless glucose monitoring system
Bispectrum Asia, 2019-01-10

A New Glucose Monitor for Diabetics Proves Virtually Painless and Even More Accurate
STRN Science and Technology Research News, 2019-01-09

New Device Developed to Make Glucose Monitoring 'Painless' For Diabetics
NewsLive, 2019-01-07

Researchers develop a painless glucose monitor for diabetics
WorldProNews, 2019-01-07

Microneedle patch promises pain-free blood-sugar tracking
TheWeek, 2019-01-07

Novel device to make blood testing pain-free for diabetics
The Hindu business Line, 2019-01-06

Scientists designed new device to make glucose monitoring painless for diabetics
Daily Heralds, 2019-01-06

New device to reduce glucose levels on a & painless & # 39; way to check for diabetic people
Navva, 2019-01-06

Microneedle-equipped patch may make diabetics' lives easier

Promising microneedle CGM may further increase accuracy, 2019-01-04

Researchers design a more comfortable, reliable glucose monitor for people with diabetes
Medicalnewser, 2019-01-03

They develop a new glucose meter "practically painless and even more accurate"
Nvva, 2019-01-03

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