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Exhibitors 2020

Here we have gathered the organisations and researcher's that are part of The Digital Degree Project Fair 2020. Read about them and their degree projects, and get in touch with them via the contact details provided.


ABB is a technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB has four customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation, supported by the ABB Ability™ digital platform. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 147,000 employees.

Contact us for more details on our degree projects


Carmenta has provided world class software technologies for maps in mission critical systems for over 30 years. We have a long tradition of running Master thesis projects to explore areas such as route optimizations, line of sight calculations and other algorithms on both the CPU and GPU. The results feed directly into the development of our product suite, to ensure we stay competitive and help us find excellent engineers.

To degree project

To degree project

Video about Carmenta



Centiglobe is a swedish fintech that offers an instant multi-currency transaction system. It enables banks, payment providers, and financial institutions to improve cross-border payment services; while lowering their total cost of settlements, exchanges, and transactions. We offer you the opportunity to work with the latest technology within DLT, Cloud and financial infrastructure. This year we will explore open source payment systems, balancing of tokenzied assets, Trusted execution environments (TEE), multi-party computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP).

We also offer other opportunities if you have your own suggestion! Find our Master thesis suggestions here  or at KTH Degree Project Portal .

For more information please reach out to us at


Cybercom is a Nordic based consultancy firm that helps clients capture the opportunities of digitalization to create sustainable solutions for tomorrow. As a thesis student in our office in Kista/Stockholm you will be part of a team working on different thesis project all part of our Innovation Zone. Cybercom’s Innovation Zone offers the possibility to evaluate and assess new ideas, develop working prototypes, run pilot project all in an agile environment.

Video about the company


Elk Audio

We are a music tech startup working on new technologies for musical instruments. Our main product is ELK, a game-changing operating system for hardware musical instruments. Building upon that we have recently announced Aloha - a service for allowing musicians to play together live over 5G and internet. 

Our team is composed of motivated music enthusiasts with experience in various fields. We are well funded and we have a large office space in downtown Stockholm. We are looking for MSc thesis students in embedded software development, real time linux and ux/interaction design.



Ericsson empowers an intelligent, sustainable and connected world and we do it by relentlessly innovating technology that are easy to use, scale and adapt. The core of Ericsson is that we connect you, via your device, to all that the world has to offer – calling home, listening to music or sharing the latest cat meme. With 5G we lay the foundation for the future – enabling smart manufacturing, self-driving cars, large scale IoT and more.

Doing your Master thesis with us at Ericsson means that you will work on a challenging thesis project and develop your skills in the areas you’re most passionate about. You will be exposed to a truly global organization that develops cutting edge technology which leads the way in the Networked Society. Our non-hierarchal culture will let you engage with some of the brightest minds in the industry – At Ericsson we believe in a supportive, open environment where you can ask anyone, anything, anywhere around the world.


At IBM, work is more than a job—it's a calling. To build. To design. To code. To consult. If you want to kick-off an exciting career within IT and you are welcome to apply for doing your thesis with us!

Read through our website  to understand more of our services, products and offerings. Link this towards your passion and formulate your area of interest.

Send your idea to Emma Bachner  before 6 November. Selection will be done based upon business and technology alignment + availability of supervisors. #cloud #AI #security # Quantum #Edge #redhat


InnoBrain is a NeuroTech startup company, that provides an innovative Brain-Computer Interface platform based on the foundation of Neuroscience and the analysing power of Artificial Intelligence.

Our aim is to facilitate enterprises to derive objective, automated, and unbiased data, from user research process (i.e. UX/Usability evaluation, Human factor design, etc.).

By embracing the disruptive power of AI, we provide NeuroUX, NeuroAnalytics and NeuroInsights to help companies achieve their maximum potential.



Our aim is to improve people's lives through game-changing solutions. In order to achieve that we need to think in new ways and dare to explore the unproven, always with passionate teams, trust, and long-term commitments as the foundation. We strive to move FORWARD TOGETHER with our clients towards a more intelligent and sustainable world.

More about our thesis projects




KTH, Amir H. Payberah

The distributed computing group at KTH is looking for candidates for some master thesis projects in the following areas:

  • Decentralized machine learning and deep learning: Scaling out DL/RL algorithms to support massive models and experiments.
  • Automated machine learning: Building automated algorithms to make an end-to-end ML pipeline smartly. In particular, to build algorithms that utilize search optimization methods for selecting pipeline configurations.

For more information, contact Amir H. Payberah

KTH Global Development Hub

Delta i utvecklingsprojekt i Afrika genom KTH Global Development Hub. 

Du får möjlighet att medverka i projekt som handlar om att ta fram lösningar på lokala samhällsutmaningar kopplade till FN:s globala hållbarhetsmål i Gaborone, Botswana eller Nairobi, Kenya som en del av ditt kandidatexamensarbete under vårterminen 2021.

Vi hoppas att detta ska gå att genomföra med tanke på coronaviruset, om du är intresserad kan vi diskutera tillsammans.


KTH, Jan Markendahl

Smart cities and IoT in reality – platform and scalability issues for the public sector.

KTH in cooperation with RISE will run thesis projects in two areas:

A. IoT platforms, interoperability and data models: Specify, design and test an interoperable IoT solution.

B. Smart city services and business models: Compare 2-3 services within the same sector.

Send an e-mail to Associate professor Jan Markendahl

• What area you are interested in

• Ideas on problems

• Your CV and transcripts

Download a pdf about the projects (pdf 550 kB)

KTH, Markus Hidell, Peter Sjödin and Robert Olsson

We are a research group at the Communication Systems department. We are active within the Network Systems Lab (NSLab) conducting research and education in the area of design, analysis, and management of next generation networks and services. Specifically, we are currently involved in research projects related to the Internet-of-Things (IoT). We do experimental research in this area and we offer both master and bachelor degree projects in our research area. Or research includes communication protocols for IoT as well as energy-efficient hardware platforms and operating systems for IoT devices, and our experimental work often includes real-world field trial deployments.


KTH, Mihhail Matskin

The Software Engineering group at the Department of Software and Computer Systems of KTH is looking for candidates for Master Thesis projects in the areas of Mobile crowdsourcing, Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Pipelines. Projects are related either to our collaborations with industrial partners or to the EU HORIZON2020 project DataCloud.


KTH, Vladimir Vlassov

The Distributed Computing group at the Department of Computer Science of KTH is looking for candidates for master thesis projects in the areas of distributed scalable Machine Learning and Deep Learning, data intensive computing, stream processing, and distributed systems. Some of proposed Master thesis projects are related to the EU project “ ExtremeEarth: From Copernicus Big Data to Extreme Earth Analytics

Distributed Computing group
Degree Project Proposals

For more information, please contact Prof. Vladimir Vlassov


Mestros web-based Energy Management System enables real estate owners to reduce energy consumption in buildings to control costs and minimize climate impact. As a Master Thesis student you’ll develop an energy forecast to enable Mestro to further develop new smart products.


Mestro's degree project


Norna is an AI-company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that develops state-of-the-art Deep Learning solutions focused on decision support within the fashion industry. 

Our Deep Learning solutions are focused on image analysis, neural language processing, and the combination of both. We provide a large amount of exclusive fashion data for potential master thesis students to explore and build industry-leading solutions.



As a Master thesis student at Oracle you'll be part of the world leading JVM development team who builds the Java Virtual Machine that is running Java software on billions of devices all over the world. Our team in Stockholm work on the core parts of the JVM - compilers, garbage collectors, and runtime internals. We work together with researchers from KTH and Uppsala on cutting edge research and many of our thesis projects result in conference publications.

Details on our research




Prevas is a consulting company and a leading design house within embedded systems and IoT. Since 1985, Prevas has been involved in developing the products of the future. We are experts in Software, Mechanics, Electronics, Project management, and quality assessment. We believe that ingenuity will save the world! As a young engineer at Prevas, you will be a prominent team member and gain insight into our business. The development opportunities are numerous! We collaborate with many different customers, from global industry leading companies, to inspiring innovative start-ups. In Stockholm, we specialize in Medtech and industrial IoT applications, and we have well equipped labs including our own EMC-lab. With us, you are guaranteed to multiply your possibilities for your future career!

Want to know more about Prevas? Check out our brand and our student site where we present suggested degree projects.

Video about Prevas

Client projects at Prevas

Prevas student

Contact persons:  


RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden is the largest Government-owned research institute in Sweden. These theses will be carried out at RISE Cybersecurity Unit, one of the largest public- sector cybersecurity research groups in Sweden. RISE Cybersecurity is a unique research group in Sweden where multiple researcher expertise are present in a single group, which enables tight cooperation across different topics and across basic, applied, and operational security research.



Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. We offer stimulating, challenging, developmental thesis subjects in a climate of innovation. Many thesis work subjects cover new fields, where students will face a great deal of fascinating problems and challenges. Thesis work placement at Saab will inspire and spur on to great things in a future career.

Download a pdf about working at Saab (pdf 8.8 MB)


Simovits Consulting

Simovits Consulting etablerades 1997 med grundidén att leverera informations- och IT-säkerhetstjänster med akademisk noggrannhet och pedagogik. Simovits Consulting är en av marknadens främsta leverantörer av tjänster inom cybersäkerhet. Vi genomför bland annat penetrationstester, red team övningar, IT-forensiska utredningar, bygger CERT-funktioner och etablerar informationssäkerhet. Vi arbetar framförallt gentemot samhällskritisk verksamhet samt industri och tjänsteföretag.

Vill du få en bättre känsla för vår verksamhet, så bläddra gärna igenom vår blogg .

Information om examensarbeten

Kontakta Simovits Consulting


We are the leading consulting company within FPGA and ASIC design in the Nordic region and we continue to offer degree projects within Deep Learning targeting small FPGAs and/or processors. This year we offer projects within mathematical simplifications of trained networks for reduction of computational complexity, comparison of Reinforcement Learning methods for solving the classic Brio Labyrinth game or optimizing and implementing a Deep Learning network on FPGA for Image classification.

Synective's degree project

Video with CEO Niklas Ljung about degree projects at Synective   - password: KTH

Video about a former degree project

Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut (FOI)

The Decision Support Systems unit of the Swedish Defence Agency (FOI) offer projects related to the latest advancements in deep learning, e.g. unsupervised meta-learning, transfer learning and out-of-distribution detection. The projects are carried out in domains related to defence and security and only Swedish citizens can apply.


To FOI's degree projects


Utveckla framtidens kollektivtrafik tillsammans med oss!

Som student på trafikförvaltningen får du möjlighet att studera verkliga problem och komma med lösningar som gör livet lättare för länets invånare. Valet av ämne är brett eftersom vår verksamhet omfattar allt mellan tex trafikplanering, infrastruktur, samhällsutveckling, hållbarhet och miljö.

Kanske är det just din idé som bidrar till en modern, tillgänglig och hållbar kollektivtrafik för nära 2,9 miljoner invånare.

Till vår studentwebb

Möt våra tidigare exjobbare

Exjobb: Analys av Trafikförvaltningens system IDTS (Inductive Data Transmission System)

Exjobb: GIS-baserad analys av kollektivtrafikens konkurrenskraft

Exjobb: Studie av åtgärder mot pumpande spår inom SL:s spårtrafiksystem

Kontakta oss

Tritech Technology

Tritech is the development house that answers the challenges of tomorrow. We implement next-generation products, systems, and solutions within Industrial IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Embedded Systems, and Wireless Connectivity.

We offer you the opportunity to explore new technology, either internally at Tritech or in collaboration with one of our customers. We have a strong tradition of working together with master thesis students, check out some of our previous projects in the presentation below.

Download pfd about degree projects at Tritech (pdf 108 kB)



At Volvo Construction Equipment we are driven by the idea that through imagination, hard work and technological innovation we will lead the way towards developing a world that is cleaner, smarter and more connected. We believe in a sustainable future, and with the global construction industry as our arena, we work together with our customers to turn this belief into reality for people everywhere.

Together we build the world we want to live in.



WSI is a design house based in Kistagången. We have great facilities for Antenna, RF, HW and embedded development in RTOS and linux. We can host projects, so bring your idea and we make it reality together!


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