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For middle to secondary school students

The school offers opportunities for study visits, meeting places and events aimed for middle and secondary students.

Meeting places

The Kista Mentorspace is hosted by KTH and is open for all students and staff that want to work on an idea, prototype or project concept. The Mentorspace engages in triple helix projects as long as it involves students since the skills for applying theoretical knowledge in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is increasingly in demand. The philosophy of the Kista Mentorspace is different as the basic idea is to offer the facility for free and underline the value of knowledge sharing, therefore it is a mentorspace.

The Kista Mentorspace is open to visits anytime but it requires an access card to get in so please contact professor Mark Smith, EECS School or Inicio to let you in and get started with a guided tour. The tours are held in English.


Belongs to: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Last changed: Jul 06, 2020