Here you can find the latest publications from the School of Electrical Engineering.

Martinez-Velasco, Juan A. ; Magnusson, Jesper Parametric analysis of the hybrid HVDC circuit breaker 2017
Carrander, Claes ; Mousavi, Seyedali ; Engdahl, Göran An application of the time-step topological model for three-phase transformer no-load current calculation considering hysteresis 2017
Frassinetti, Lorenzo (et al.) ELM behavior in ASDEX Upgrade with and without nitrogen seeding 2017
Solano, Emilia R. (et al.) Axisymmetric oscillations at L-H transitions in JET: M-mode 2017
Doveil, F. ; Cherigier-Kovacic, L. ; Ström, Petter Lamb-shift and electric field measurements in plasmas 2017
Long, Mengni ; Becerra, Marley ; Thottappillil, Rajeev Modeling the Attachment of Lightning Dart and Dart-Stepped Leaders to Grounded Objects 2017
Nikouie Harnefors, Mojgan (et al.) DC-link stability analysis and controller design for the stacked polyphase bridges converter 2017
Sun, Fei ; He, Sailing Reversing the direction of space and inverse Doppler effect in positive refraction index media 2017
Moghadam, Nima N. (et al.) Pilot precoding and combining in multiuser MIMO networks 2017
Muratov, Anton ; Zuyev, Sergei Neighbour-dependent point shifts and random exchange models: Invariance and attractors 2017
Pereira, Pedro O. ; Dimarogonas, Dimos V. Family of controllers for attitude synchronization on the sphere 2017
Galrinho, Miguel ; Everitt, Niklas ; Hjalmarsson, Håkan ARX modeling of unstable linear systems 2017
Han, Duo (et al.) Optimal sensor scheduling for multiple linear dynamical systems 2017
Pereira, Pedro O. (et al.) Leader following trajectory planning: A trailer-like approach 2017
Yajnanarayana, Vijaya Parampalli Ultra Wideband: Communication and Localization 2017
Amin, Shoaib Characterization and Linearization of Multi-band Multi-channel RF Power Amplifiers 2017
Everitt, Niklas (et al.) Variance analysis of linear SIMO models with spatially correlated noise 2017
Valenzuela, Patricio E. (et al.) On robust input design for nonlinear dynamical models 2017
Carvalho, J. Frederico (et al.) Composability and controllability of structural linear time-invariant systems: Distributed verification 2017
Tohidi, Yaser (et al.) Transmission network switching for reducing market power cost in generation sector: A Nash-equilibrium approach 2017
Laakso, Miku (et al.) Maskless Manufacturing of Through Glass Vias (TGVs) and Their Test Structures 2017
Wang, Xiaojing ; Stemme, Göran ; Roxhed, Niclas High aspect ratio silicon field emitter arrays (FEAs) as miniaturized stable electron source for catheter-based radiotherapy 2017
Asiatici, Mikhail (et al.) Through Silicon Vias With Invar Metal Conductorfor High-Temperature Applications 2017
De La Rocha Gomes-Arevalillo, Alfonso Investigating the Adaptive Loop Filter in Next Generation Video Coding 2017
Seetharaman, Surya Predicting Performance Metrics of Cloud Services using Machine Learning in Python 2017
Elspas, Philip Predicting Service Metrics of Cloud Applications with Neural Networks 2017
Rahiminejad, Sofia (et al.) Rapid Manufacturing of OSTE Polymer RF-MEMS components 2017
Du, Rong ; Fischione, Carlo ; Xiao, Ming Poster: On the Immortality of Wireless Sensor Networks by Wireless Energy Transfer - A Node Deployment Perspective 2017
Chandrashekar, Shreyas Thermal Analysis and Control of MIST CubeSat 2017
Konstantinos, Konstantinidis Automated cyber security compliance assessment 2017
Palmér, Charlie Modelling EU DIRECTIVE 2016/680 using Enterprise Architecture 2017
Zafeiropoluos, Andreas An MMC-based topology with Dual-Active-Bridge power channels for load balancing in 50 Hz-railway applications 2017
Poyiadjis, Soteris A New Cell Bypass Arrangement and Control for Modular Multilevel Converters based on Thyristor Forced Commutation Circuit 2017
Zhang, Yu Implementation of Reliability Centered Asset Management method on Power Systems 2017
Liu, Lipeng ; Becerra, Marley An efficient model to simulate stable glow corona discharges and their transition into streamers 2017
Mårtensson, Jonas ; Everitt, Niklas ; Hjalmarsson, Håkan Covariance analysis in SISO linear systems identification 2017
Almas, Muhammad Shoaib (et al.) Vulnerability of Synchrophasor-based WAMPAC Applications’ to Time Synchronization Spoofing 2017
Tokitani, M. (et al.) Micro-/nano-characterization of the surface structures on the divertor tiles from JET ITER-like wall 2017
Kalered, E. (et al.) On the work function and the charging of small (r ≤ 5 nm) nanoparticles in plasmas 2017
Bao, J. (et al.) Joint Multiuser Detection of Multidimensional Constellations over Fading Channels 2017
Shen, Z. (et al.) High performance solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells based on organic blue-colored dyes 2017
Rönnow, D. (et al.) Phase noise coherence of two continuous wave radio frequency signals of different frequency 2017
Mahmood, Farhan ; Hooshyar, Hossein ; Vanfretti, Luigi Sensitivity Analysis of a PMU-Fed Steady State Model Synthesis Method for Active Distribution Networks 2017
Hooshyar, Hossein (et al.) PMU-assisted overcurrent protection for distribution feeders employing solid state transformers 2017
Hooshyar, Hossein ; Vanfretti, Luigi A SGAM-based architecture for synchrophasor applications facilitating TSO/DSO interactions 2017
Huang, Yalin ; Söder, Lennart Assessing the impact of incentive regulation on distribution network investment considering distributed generation integration 2017
Huang, Yalin ; Söder, Lennart H. An investigation on the impacts of distributed generation curtailment regulations on distribution network investment 2017
Dunne, M. G. (et al.) Global performance enhancements via pedestal optimisation on ASDEX Upgrade 2017
Singh, Ravi Shankar ; Hooshyar, Hossein ; Vanfretti, Luigi Experimental real-time testing of a decentralized PMU data-based power systems mode estimator 2017
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