Here you can find the latest publications from the School of Electrical Engineering.

Armendariz, Mikel (et al.) Comparative Study of Optimal Controller Placement Considering Uncertainty in PV Growth and Distribution Grid Expansion 2018
Huang, Tianyu (et al.) 2D autoregressive model-based dynamic correlated massive MU-MIMO channel simulator 2017
Pousette, Marcus 3D Mapping of Deuterium for Fusion Applications 2017
Oberhammer, Joachim (et al.) 3D silicon micromachining – an enabling technology for high-performance millimeter and submillimeter-wave frequencies reconfigurable satellite front-ends 2017
Shah, Umer (et al.) A 500-750 GHz RF MEMS Waveguide Switch 2017
Khan, Zain Ahmed ; Händel, Peter ; Isaksson, Magnus A Comparative Analysis of the Complexity/Accuracy Tradeoff in the Mitigation of RF MIMO Transmitter Impairments 2017
Moles-Cases, V. (et al.) A comparison of OFDM, QAM-FBMC, and OQAM-FBMC waveforms subject to phase noise 2017
Sedin, Jonas A comparison of Polar Code Constructions and Punctur-ing methods for AWGN and Fading channels 2017
Barreto, Sergio (et al.) A Continuum of Undetectable Timing-Attacks on PMU-based Linear State-Estimation 2017
Trifunovic, Sacha (et al.) A Decade of Research in Opportunistic Networks: Challenges, Relevance, and Future Directions 2017
Thomas, Garrett A Discrete Büchi Automata Distance for Formal Methods Based Control 2017
Fernandez, Leon A Distributed Algorithm for Bootstrapping a Wireless Visual Sensor Network 2017
Yang, Tao (et al.) A Distributed Algorithm for Economic Dispatch Over Time-Varying Directed Networks With Delays 2017
Angioni, A. (et al.) A distributed automation architecture for distribution networks, from design to implementation 2017
Ottonello Briano, Floria (et al.) A fast uncooled infrared nanobolometer featuring a hybrid-plasmonic cavity for enhanced optical responsivity 2017
Haddadi, Aboutaleb (et al.) A first step towards the implementation and software-to-software validation of an active distribution network model 2017
Paridari, Kaveh (et al.) A Framework for Attack-Resilient Industrial Control Systems: Attack Detection and Controller Reconfiguration 2017
Mazidi, Peyman (et al.) A health condition model for wind turbine monitoring through neural networks and proportional hazard models 2017
Wahlström, Johan (et al.) A Hidden Markov Model for Seismocardiography 2017
Nikouie, Mojgan (red.) A highlt integrated electric drive systems for Tomorrow's EVs and HEVs 2017
Guinaldo, M. ; Dimarogonas, Dimos V. A hybrid systems framework for multi agent task planning and control 2017
Pasku, Valter (et al.) A Magnetic Ranging-Aided Dead-Reckoning Positioning System for Pedestrian Applications 2017
Mildh, Gunnar (et al.) A Method and a User Equipment for Peer-to-Peer Communication 2017
Almas, Muhammad Shoaib ; Vanfretti, Luigi A method exploiting direct communication between phasor measurement units for power system wide-area protection and control algorithms 2017
Armendariz, Mikel (et al.) A Method to Design Optimal Communication Architectures in Advanced Metering Infrastructures 2017
Turri, Valerio (et al.) A model predictive controller for non-cooperative eco-platooning 2017
Poyiadjis, Soteris A New Cell Bypass Arrangement and Control for Modular Multilevel Converters based on Thyristor Forced Commutation Circuit 2017
Höffl, Marc A new programming model for enterprise software: Allowing for rapid adaption and supporting maintainability at scale 2017
Nikou, Alexandros (et al.) A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control scheme for cooperative manipulation with singularity and collision avoidance 2017
Uddin, Salman A novel approach to detect CT saturation using standalone CT measurements 2017
Du, Mian (et al.) A Parameter Selection Method for Wind Turbine Health Management through SCADA Data 2017
Papasideris, Spyridon A practical approach to cooperative aerial transportation of a load by UAVs 2017
Jang, Insun (et al.) A Proxy-Based Collaboration System to Minimize Content Download Time and Energy Consumption 2017
Bakas, Panagiotis (et al.) A Review of Hybrid Topologies Combining Line-Commutated and Cascaded Full-Bridge Converters 2017
Hooshyar, Hossein ; Vanfretti, Luigi A SGAM-based architecture for synchrophasor applications facilitating TSO/DSO interactions 2017
Skog, Isaac (et al.) A Smart Sensor Node for the Internet-of-Elevators-Non-Invasive Condition and Fault Monitoring 2017
Skog, Isaac (et al.) A Smart Sensor Node for the Internet-of-Elevators-Non-Invasive Condition and Fault Monitoring 2017
Marcos Conca, Alexandre A Solution to Selecting Cyber-Security Software Tools for an Organization Using Security Controls 2017
Hellsten, Torbjörn A statistical model of the wave field in a bounded domain 2017
Elling, Eva ; Fornander, Hannes A Study of Recommender Techniques Within the Field of Collaborative Filtering 2017
Lundin, Daniel (et al.) A study of the oxygen dynamics in a reactive Ar/O high power impulse magnetron sputtering discharge using an ionization region model 2017
Franzén, Fernando ; Hultin, Harald ; Olsson, Jonas A Transparent Dual-Band Cubesat Antenna Array Based on Stacked Patches 2017
Díez-Maroto, L. (et al.) A WACS exploiting generator Excitation Boosters for power system transient stability enhancement 2017
Meyer, Pierre-Jean ; Dimarogonas, Dimos V. Abstraction refinement and plan revision for control synthesis under high level specifications 2017
Valerio, Guido (et al.) Accurate Equivalent-Circuit Descriptions of Thin Glide-Symmetric Corrugated Metasurfaces 2017
Tan, Chunlin (et al.) Acid-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of red fluorescent carbon dots for sensitive detection of Fe(III) 2017
Åfeldt, Tom Adaptive Steering Behaviour for Heavy Duty Vehicles 2017
Bleiker, Simon J. (et al.) Adhesive wafer bonding with ultra-thin intermediate polymer layers 2017
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