Power systems with nearly 100% renewable – Problems and solutions

Welcome to a seminar by Ana Estanqueiro amd Dr Hannele Holttinen on power systems with nearly 100% renewable. The seminar will discuss both problems and solutions.

Time: Thu 2017-03-16 15.15 - 17.00

Lecturer: Ana Estanqueiro & Dr Hannele Holttinen

Location: Q2,Osquldas väg 10, KTH Campus

Many countries announce they try to switch to renewables, or to a massive increase in green energy production. What are the challenges to reach this stage? How to increase the percentage of renewables while ensuring the stability of the system? In a few places around the world, a feat that seemed impossible just a few years ago—100% renewable in the power systems, has already been achieved for hours and days. Portugal and Denmark are examples of them. Dr. Anna Estanqueiro and Dr. Hannele Holttinen will share some insights in this seminar.

Fika will be served during the break.


Ana Estanqueiro was born in Coimbra, Portugal in 1963. She received her Power Engineer degree from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1986 where she also did her M.Sc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Energy), respectively in 1991 and 1997. Her research interests are broad within renewable and wind energy and including planning methodologies for sustainable deployment, distributed generation, smart/active systems, with a special focus on dynamic models for large integration of wind and other fluctuating renewable sources.

Dr Hannele Holttinen is Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (MSc and PhD from Helsinki Technical University). She has worked for VTT for more than 20 years in different fields of wind energy research, with main interest on the impact of wind and PV on power systems and electricity markets. She acts as Operating Agent of the IEA international collaboration on wind integration (IEA WIND Task 25), chaired IEAWind in 2011-12, and has been active in European Wind Energy Platforms ETIP and TPWIND as well as in Nordic energy research.

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2017-03-16T15:15 2017-03-16T17:00 Power systems with nearly 100% renewable – Problems and solutions Power systems with nearly 100% renewable – Problems and solutions
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