Enterprises use hundreds of different IT-systems for planning, process monitoring, automation, billing, information distribution and more. It is a challenge to procure, maintain, develop, and coordinate these complex systems of systems within the organization. If you find this challenge interesting our course is something for you!

The subject of Industrial Information and Control Systems has a wide technical scope, which among other things includes management, business development, project management, computer science, computer communication and domain process knowledge. All these domains are utilized as tools to develop and maintain IT-systems for e.g. monitoring and control system, communication systems, power generation and distribution, the water and pulp process control. Regardless of your specialization you will find something useful in what this course has to offer!

What will you learn from our courses?

All our education and research is carried out in close collaboration with the industry. We can together with various companies offer interesting master thesis projects within areas such as requirements engineering, information architecture, IT strategy, IT-management, information security and project management. The following are examples of topics you would learn in our courses:

  • IT architecture: knowledge about the techniques required to manage a complex IT-system, for example process monitoring of a power network.
  • Project management: Through the course project management and our project-oriented courses you will learn both the theory and practice of project management.
  • Process knowledge: An understanding for different industrial processes, for example manufacturing of paper or power transmission, and the requirements placed on IT by these processes
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