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Real Estate Planning and Land Law

Almost all human activity takes place on the ground or in buildings. Even though we rarely think about it, our activities presuppose that we have certain rights. These rights are defined according to law or custom.

One clearly and legally bounded area is the propery unit, which aside from land can also include buildings and facilities. The owner has certain property rights with regard to that property unit. But various other rights can be connected to the property, such as the right of common (allemansrätt), the right of way, the right to hunt and fish, utility easement, etc.

The Division of Real Estate Planning and Land Law engages in teaching and research on how rights associated with land use and real property can be established and/or adapted in order to facilitate desirable societal development, for example the construction of buildings with complementary infrastructure, or the conservation and protection of valuable natural areas.

Belongs to: Department of Real Estate and Construction Management
Last changed: Apr 17, 2019