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Nordic Research Collaboration

The Division of Real Estate Planning and Land Law participates in a Nordic Network with Lund University and with Universities in Finland, Norway and Denmark regarding Research and Research Education.

The Division of Real Estate Planning and Land Law at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management participates in a Nordic network for collaboration in research and research education within the area of land development and land management. As being broad concepts, the collaboration will mainly focus on the following themes:

  • Land use planning at local level, and legal/economic implementation measures
  • Ownership and other property rights connected to land
  • Property formation and property division
  • Transactions and financing of real property
  • Compulsory purchase and compensation issues
  • Responsibility and financing of infrastructure
  • Extraction and utilization of natural resources (water, forest, minerals etc.)
  • Protection of natural areas and cultural heritage
  • Provision of housing and housing tenure forms

The purpose and objective of Nordic collaboration within the subject field, is to:

  • Enhance the level of Nordic collaboration in research and teaching
  • Achieve better impact of Nordic research at the international level
  • Establish a platform for joint funding of research projects
  • Strengthen and utilize mutual resources in research education
  • Facilitate exchange of researchers and research students
  • Contribute to sustainability goals
  • Set up a forum for networking

Other participating universities and departments in the collaborative network:

Aalborg University, Department of Planning

Aalto University, Department of Built Environment (Real Estate Economics)

Lund University, Department of Technology and Society (Real Estate Science)

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Property and Law

Planned and present collaborative projects:

  • Joint PhD courses and PhD seminars
  • Shoreline protection in sparsely populated areas
  • Revision and updating of joint publications on real property formation, transactions and registration in the Nordic countries
  • Declining and shrinking regions – solutions and management
  • Storm water treatment in urban land development
  • Planning gains and planning harms – legal and economic tools
  • Housing tenure forms in the Nordic countries
  • Compensation systems for takings and regulations
Belongs to: Department of Real Estate and Construction Management
Last changed: Jan 28, 2020