Global cooperation to ensure better use of brain data

Published Apr 09, 2018

How does the future of neuroscience look? How do we handle big data and what does the GDPR law really mean? These are some of the topics of the INCF Brain Summit 2018, co-organized by INCF and KTH, and which will be visited by prominent researchers from all corners of the world.

On the 24th to 25th of April, KTH and Karolinska institutet (KI), together with INCF, will host an event where several internationally leading initiatives within neuroscience will come to present their work. At this Brain Summit, representatives for the major brain initiatives will meet and discuss infrastructure, best practices and standards for big data neuroscience - with an emphasis on clinical neuroscience.

Jeanette Hällgren Kotaleski and Erwin Laure, both professors at KTH, are co-organizers of this event.

“The Brain Summit is a meeting for and with major brain initiatives, with emphasis on coordination and alignment of their efforts. The meeting will also showcase what it means to be FAIR, why it is important, and how the tools and services being developed by the large-scale brain initiatives can facilitate becoming FAIR”, says Jeanette Hällgren Kotaleski, Professor of Computational Science and Technology.

The program will be centered on presenting the objectives and main tools developed by the major brain initiatives, with the aim to showcase what is means to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR), why it is important, and how the tools and services being developed by the large-scale initiatives can facilitate more open and reproducible neuroscience.

“FAIR contains guiding principles for how to handle research data in a way that makes it as valuable and reusable as possible for others. Without the possibility to access, pool and reuse data, a lot of the value in research is lost", says Hällgren Kotaleski.

This Brain Summit is a two-day event, of which the first half-day on the 24th of April is open to the public.

“We hope that the open day will help participants to see the value of scientific infrastructure, which is usually invisible as long as it works, and inspire them to adopt the FAIR approach to their own data and work”, says Jeanette Hällgren Kotaleski.

Are you interested in participating? The event is free, but preregistration is required. Sign up before the 17th of April.


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