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  • New research shows one way LED efficiency is far from optimal

    LED efficiency is impeded by trace amounts of iron, a byproduct of production of the semiconductor structures in light emitting diodes.
    Published Nov 25, 2016

    Even though LED lights are among the most energy efficient available, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Researchers recently found that li...

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  • Risks with aneurysm surgery made clearer with mathematical model, researchers say

    Patients aged 65 to 80 years with aneurysms sized 30 to 55 mm stood to gain the most significant improvement from surgery, report researchers Antti Siika, left, och Robert Mattila. Photo: Peter Ardell
    Published Nov 10, 2016

    Even though operating on an abdominal aortic aneurysm can be risky, there are no patient-specific guidelines for deciding the optimal time for surgery...

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  • Sensors to monitor bridges – and even enable them to tweet

    Like a stethoscope or heart monitor, bridge sensors enable early detection of impending structural problems, says researcher Raid Karoumi. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Oct 31, 2016

    While bridge collapses are rare, there have been enough of them to raise concerns in some parts of the world that their condition is not sufficiently ...

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  • Project receives EUR 3.2 million to explore limits of efficient computability

    Published Oct 28, 2016

    Research dealing with complex computational problems and the methods for solving them is one of the projects at KTH that recently received funding fro...

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  • Researchers target tenfold increase in X-ray resolution

    Hans Hertz, Professor of Biomedical and X-ray Physics at KTH. Photo: Håkan Lindgren
    Published Oct 25, 2016

    For all of its benefit to society, the technology we use for medical imaging is nevertheless flawed. Relevant little details go undetected due to limi...

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  • Technique could lower cost of making bioplastics and biofuel

    Packaging is one area where biomass could replace oil as a resource, as a result of improvements in cellulose processing such as that published in Scientific Reports by a KTH researcher.
    Published Oct 19, 2016

    The potential for at least partly replacing oil with cellulose as a renewable source of energy and materials has just improved.

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  • Low cost method for examining single leukemia cells could transform treatment

    Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells do not consist of a single cell type, but of a number of sub-clones that exhibit entirely different gene expression.
    Published Oct 14, 2016

    Leukemia is a disease in which each cell can exhibit different genetic traits, and now KTH researchers have found a cheap way to examine individual le...

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  • Nobel economics theory supports KTH research into small business financing

    The Nobel Prize in Economics recognizes research into how bonuses for CEOs affect corporate finance both short term and long term. (Illustration: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
    Published Oct 12, 2016

    Research in contract theory, which was recognized by the Nobel Prize in Economics, is being used at KTH Royal Instiute of Technology to examine the im...

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  • Material physics work at KTH builds on Nobel laureate' discovery

    Phase transition is when matter goes from one phase to another, as when ice melts into water. In the thin layer of very cold matter, other types of phase transition occurs, which were described by the Nobel Prize winners in Physics using topology. (Illustration: Royal Academy of Sciences)
    Published Oct 11, 2016

    Research that was recognized with the Nobel Prize in Physics this week has spawned an entirely new research area that could lead to super-fast quantum...

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  • For KTH researcher, report of water vapor on Europa isn’t vindication - yet

    This composite image shows suspected plumes of water vapor erupting at the 7 o’clock position off the limb of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Photo: NASA/ESA/W. Sparks
    Published Oct 06, 2016

    The reported sighting of water plumes on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, appears to confirm observations made by KTH Royal Institute of Technology researcher ...

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  • Major investment in 'living laser'

    Photonics will be a key technology in the years to come, says researcher Fredrik Laurell. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Oct 06, 2016

    Fibre optics will likely become a greater part of our lives in the years ahead, with photonic applications in such areas as medicine and solar energy....

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  • Ohsumi’s work enables treatments for wide range of illnesses

    Our cells have different specialized compartments that contain enzymes for digestion of cellular contents. (Image:
    Published Oct 04, 2016

    A very important discovery which paves the way for new and more effective treatments for such illnesses as Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, cance...

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  • Acclaimed researcher Joe H. Chow joins the School of Electrical Engineering

    Published Sep 23, 2016

    The EE School is happy to welcome Professor Joe H. Chow from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY, USA) who recently joined the department of Elec...

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  • They lower the cost for surface patterning plastics

    Published Sep 14, 2016

    Researchers at the Department of Micro- and Nanosystems at KTH have developed a new way to simultaneously shape and surface treat plastic components. ...

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  • KTH placed high in competition of cooperative and automated driving

    Published Jul 01, 2016

    During the weekend of 28 and 29 May 2016, the city of Helmond was the centre of an international event in the field of cooperative driving: the Grand ...

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  • KTH team builds telescope to investigate mysterious Crab pulsar

    Postdoc Mette Friis examines the capsule in which the telescope a team from KTH designed and built to study the Crab pulsar. (Photo: Mark Pearce)
    Published Jun 30, 2016

    In the coming days, a telescope designed and built at KTH will be launched into the stratosphere to observe the small pulsar at the centre of the spec...

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  • New national graduate school will be hub for neutron scattering research

    The world’s most powerful neutron source, Sweden's European Spallation Source, is the focal point of a new graduate school involving six universities, including KTH. (Image: ESS)
    Published Jun 29, 2016

    KTH is one of six partner universities in a new national graduate school for neutron scattering science, which is a key part of Sweden's emergence as ...

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  • Robots can now signal each other to lend a "hand"

    Published Jun 28, 2016

    Sometimes all it takes to get help from someone is to wave at them, or point. Now the same is true for robots. Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of T...

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  • Researchers find cheaper way to produce hydrogen from water

    Published Jun 27, 2016

    KTH researchers have opened a route to large-scale hydrogen production by discovering a better way to split water without relying on precious metals.

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  • Regardless of weight, mannose levels point to diabetes risk

    Diagram shows the relationship between mannose and type 2 diabetes (T2D), as well as insulin resistance.
    Published Jun 27, 2016

    If you think you're clear of diabetes because your weight is under control, your mannose levels may tell a different story, a new study from SciLifeLa...

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