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Impact through innovation

KTH Innovation supports researchers, students, and employees who want to develop an idea or create research impact through commercialization. KTH Innovation helps you go figure out if your research has commercial potential, and helps you with all the steps along the way.

Create impact from research

KTH Innovation supports you in developing an idea or taking your research result towards commercial implementation. Together we can bring new technology to the market to create impact in society.

The KTH Innovation team has broad experience of supporting the development of new technology in all areas. They can help you with business development coaching and advice, filing a patent, getting a hang of contracts and agreements, securing funding, building a team, and much more.

The support is free of charge, confidential, and KTH doesn’t take any ownership in your idea.

KTH Innovation’s support

This is KTH Innovation

Welcome to KTH Innovation! We support students, researchers and employees at KTH who want to develop new ideas or create research impact through commercialization. Have an idea? Stop by when you've started at KTH!

Continue your research career

KTH Innovation’s support is designed for you to be able to continue your work as a researcher at KTH.

You don’t need any prior experience of entrepreneurship or commercialization before you contact KTH Innovation. The idea is that your skills as a researcher coupled with KTH Innovation’s support can bring new technology to the market and create impact in society. At the same time you’ll grow your own network and increase your knowledge of research commercialization.

KTH Innovation can also help you recruit a business developer or license your technology.

Start developing an idea or creating impact with your research

Do you have an idea or a research result you think could create impact? Get in touch with us at KTH Innovation! Our support is free and confidential and you don't need to apply to get started. Our door is always open! 

Contact KTH Innovation

Take our selftest

Could your research create impact in society? Take KTH Innovation's self test and get the answer straight away!

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News about innovation at KTH

Mustafa Al-Janabi and Elisa Bin working with a radio-controlled car at a table.

They want to help robots collaborate

Imagine that you are riding in a self-driving car in a city. Out of sight, someone gets off a bus and starts walking out into the street. Your car can only react to what it can see, which means that y...

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Therese Jonsson and Mathilda Hammarström outside at KTH Campus
Mathilda and Therese are two of the founders of Floccs.

Floccs wants to give all horses a digital identity

Mathilda and Therese are two of the founders of Floccs, an app that wants give the world's 40 million horses a digital identity. In the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, they took their idea to th...

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Two men and one woman chatting outside a yellow stone building
The founders of SaltyCo have developed a planet positive alternative to goose down, crafted from plants that heal damagPicture by H&M Foundation.ed land.

KTH Innovation supports future fashion innovators

A laundry solution that prolongs garments’ life, AI helping smallholder cotton farmers to increase yield and income, an invention realising the circular recycling of elastane and polyester blends, car...

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Portrait of Matija Milenovic, KTH alum and co-founder of spacetech startup porkchop

How to bootstrap from idea to orbit

In this guest post, Matija Milenovic, KTH alum and co-founder of spacetech startup porkchop, shares their journey from idea to orbit.

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