Commercialization of new findings

Since the start in 2007, KTH Innovation has played a crucial role in the commercialization of new ideas at KTH. Over the years, KTH Innovation has helped several thousand students and researchers take their ideas’ first steps toward the market.

KTH supports commercialization

KTH devotes considerable resources to building a strong innovation eco system, with contacts in society, industry and with funders. This eco system has proven to be successful for a large number of companies sprung from KTH.

Help on the way

KTH Innovation provides support in all areas important in going from idea to innovation. This includes:

  • Idea development
  • Market assessment
  • Business development
  • Business law
  • Patents and IP
  • Funding

Support from KTH Innovation is free of charge, and available to all KTH researchers, students, and employees. KTH Innovation takes no ownership in your idea.

The main goal is to maximize the number of ideas that meet the market. This is done by making the support available to all, ensuring that a high number of ideas reach KTH Innovation, and by using an efficient process in developing of the ideas. KTH Innovation has developed a structured and process-oriented working method, to efficiently handle the large flow of ideas with commercial potential that come from KTH.

The KTH Innovation support system

KTH Innovation’s has developed a structured innovation support system that centers on the KTH Innovation Readiness LevelTM model, developed by KTH Innovation. The model is built on a number of focus areas, each with related, detailed scales that help define your idea’s status. Step by step, standard questions are verified, and the maturity of the idea increases within the areas KTH Innovation has found to be critical in the earl- stage development of an innovation (technology, customer, IPR, team, funding, business model).

Funding and networks

For those active at KTH Innovation, there are several funding opportunities, including a range of internal verification funds. For more information, follow this link.

KTH Innovation also has a wide network of investors, experts, business angels, advisors and mentors, both in Sweden and globally.

The team

The KTH Innovation team has broad industry and business background stemming from a range of different areas of technology, innovation, and business development. Together, the team holds the competence needed to take an idea to market.

Contact KTH Innovation

Contact KTH Innovation on , or visit .

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