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KTH Innovation – commercialization of new technology

KTH Innovation supports researchers, students, and employees who wish to develop an idea or commercialize their research. KTH Innovation can help you with business development coaching, patenting, contracts and agreements, funding, building a team, and much more.

Create impact from research

KTH Innovation supports you in developing an idea or taking your research result towards commercial implementation. Together we can bring new technology to the market to create impact in society.

The KTH Innovation team has broad experience of supporting the development of new technology in all areas. They can help you with business development coaching and advice, filing a patent, getting a hang of contracts and agreements, securing funding, building a team, and much more.

The support is free of charge, confidential, and KTH doesn’t take any ownership in your idea.

KTH Innovation’s support

Continue your research career

KTH Innovation’s support is designed for you to be able to continue your work as a researcher at KTH.

You don’t need any prior experience of entrepreneurship or commercialization before you contact KTH Innovation. The idea is that your skills as a researcher coupled with KTH Innovation’s support can bring new technology to the market and create impact in society. At the same time you’ll grow your own network and increase your knowledge of research commercialization.

KTH Innovation can also help you recruit a business developer or license your technology.


Do you want to find the possibilities in your research? The first step is sitting down for a short meeting with KTH Innovation.

Get in touch with KTH Innovation

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