KTH's sustainable research review

In 2012 the RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) was performed resulting in rich material about KTH’s research. One of the recommendations from the RAE was that Sustainable Development (SD) should be more strongly integrated into KTH’s research base and education programs. Given the aim that KTH should be one of Europe’s leading technical universities also within the area of environmental and sustainability research, KTH-Sustainability saw a need for identifying present strengths and weaknesses of KTH’s sustainability research and to obtain advice on strategies for the future work in the area.

Research review

A team three reviewers/advisors, Roland Clift, Jacqueline Cramer and Steve Evans, were asked to answer the following questions:

  • In an international comparison, what are the strong areas of KTH's sustainability research?
  • Given the aim that KTH should be one of Europe's leading technical universities broadly and also within the area of environmental and sustainability research, what areas should be strengthened?
  • How can KTH-Sustainability's project plan for the period 2013-2015 be further improved?
  • What advice would the panel like to give to KTH management, and also to specific schools in order to strengthen KTH's sustainability research? This advice could relate to strategy, organization, new positions, infrastructure etc.

The basis for the research review was the material produced within the RAE 2012. In addition, all RAE units being assessed were invited to write a one-page update. The update included major changes that have occurred since the RAE-process in 2012 with relevance for sustainability research. This could include major organizational changes, new important recruitments (e.g. new professors), new major research projects, centers or other initiatives. The update also gave the units of assessment the opportunity to give their vision on future plans and aspirations for research in the area of sustainable development. In addition the reviewers conducted a round of interviews with 25 selected RAE units in groups in April 2013.

The final report from the reviewers and a short version can be downloaded here. Updates from the RAE-units will be posted here in short.

KTH sustainable research review 2013_full version report (pdf 243 kB)

KTH sustainable research review 201_short summary report (pdf 173 kB)

Any comments and questions can be mailed to sustainability@kth.se

/Göran Finnveden, Vice President for Sustainable Development

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