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Other research infrastructures, testbeds and facilities

Besides the established research infrastructures, KTH has other advanced infrastructures, test beds, and facilities, such as various laboratories and specialised equipment for testing, verifying concepts, and demonstrators.

Bioimaging Laboratory

The Bioimaging lab is equipped for both live and fixed cell observation, as well as imaging of various non-biological samples.

Contact: Hjalmar Brismar

About Bioimaging Laboratory

Fusion reactor EXTRAP T2R

The main application of the research infrastructure EXTRAP T2R plasma device is research on magnetic confinement fusion. R&D for fusion reactors aim at an environmentally acceptable and commercially attractive energy source with an almost infinite supply of fuel.

Director: Per Brunsell


Greenhouse Labs

The 17 modern labs and offices including the state-of-the-art instrument park offer companies the use of well-functioning infrastructure for chemical handling and risk assessment.

Contact: Matthew Fielden

About Greenhouse Labs

Hammarby Sjöstadsverk

This R&D facility is a platform for development and exchange of knowledge and technologies in water and wastewater treatment and related environmental technology. It forms the basis for Sweden Water Innovation Centre - SWIC.

Contact: Vladimir Cvetkovic

About Hammarby Sjöstadsverk

KTH Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL)

ITRL has developed various laboratory and research platforms that can be used to experiment on and demonstrate various aspects on transport such as Automated Vehicle control tower, Research concept vehicles and Smart Mobility Lab.

Contact: Anna Perneståhl

About ITRL

KTH Laser Lab (interim Research Infrastructure)

The research infrastructure comprises of well-established and well-equipped labs which perform research in quantum electronics, material science and expanding range of cross-disciplinary applications using unique tools and methods enabled by coherent light sources.

Director: Valdas Pasiskevicius

About KTH Laser Lab

Laboratory of Civil and Architectural Engineering (BYV Lab)

Director: Stefan Trillkott

Live-In Lab

The facility offers a platform of full-scale testbeds from apartments to premises that are designed to incorporate almost any product or service imaginable in an integrated real-life trial system. It also includes a user- and property database and a valuable collaboration platform.

Contact: Jonas Anund Vogel

About KTH Live-In Lab

Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab

The PMH Application Lab is a collaboration between KTH, Fraunhofer and RISE. It supports improvement of technologies in powertrain manufacturing for heavy vehicles on high technology readiness levels, accelerating the transfer ot these technologies into industrial application.

Contact: Jannik Henser

About PMH

The Solar Lab Facility

A high-flux solar simulator, capable of recreating the irridation conditions that effect the limiting components and design of solar power plants, is operated by the Solar Facility. Complementary activities include ray-tracing simulation for the optical design of concentrator components and multi-physics simulation of high-temperature solar receivers for performance optimisation.

About Solar Lab Facility

Structrural Biotechnology Lab

The laboratory, which is a shared facility with Karolinska Institutet, provides equipment for high resolution electron microscopy of biological preparations, lab facilities, transmission electron microscopes with cryo options as well as soft-and hardware for image processing.

Swedish Aerospace and Physiology Centre (SAPC)

SAPC conduct and support research that can improve medical safety during manned space flights. The centrifuge and pressure chambers are vital for experiments performed on humans.

Contact: Ola Eiken

About SAPC

The Space Technology Laboratory

The laboratory offer state-of-the art laboratory environments with laboratory equipment such as a thermal vacuum chamber, vacuum tank and a climate chamber.

Contact: Mark Pearce

About Space Technology Laboratory


The facility and strategich research area will generate world-leading research in advanced production and contribute to research infrastructure for digital manufacturing and visualization.

Contact: Mauro Onori

About XPreS

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