Most energy scenarios in the world today point to the fact that turbomachines will likely remain the basic key component for any electricity generation system, as well as in several other processes (pumps, jet engines, ..) over the coming decades. The efficiency, reliability, fuel versatility and safe operation of these machines are thus of enormous importance. A small increase in efficiency will, based on the large number of machines existing, mean a large saving in emissions as well as in operating cost.


The turbomachine as a component in the energy cycle is, when treated reasonable, a robust and highly reliable engine for a number of applications. However, as the frontiers are continuously pushed towards unknown areas it is important that research and development is performed in various areas. In order to obtain a higher efficiency the heat transfer of high temperature material is important aspects. The aerodynamics of any kind of rotating machinery, as well as the aeromechanical properties and structural integrity of the machines are issues of high concern to any researcher and developer. Material aspects, life assessment as well as new environmental friendly media in various processes are also highly important.

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