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ESFRI has included the SLICES project into its roadmap

Published Sep 22, 2021

ESFRI has included the project SLICES, Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies, into its roadmap in June 2021. KTH is a core partner of SLICES. 

ESFRI has established a European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (new and major upgrades, pan-European interest) for the next 10-20 years, stimulates the implementation of these facilities, and updates the roadmap as needed.

After a thorough evaluation and selection procedure SLICES was included as a new project in the ESFRI 2021 Roadmap Update after scoring high for its science case and maturity for implementation.

SLICES is aligned with the current efforts at KTH to establish a mobile communication and computing testbed (5G and beyond, including communication, networking and computing), supporting basic IT research as well research in the area of digitalization. SLICES provides a European context, contact network, user base and professional support for the efforts at KTH and in Sweden, in general.

The SLICES website

The ESFRI press release

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More information

Please contact Professor György Dán  at KTH for more information about SLICES.