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  • Effect of AI on Sustainable Development Goals published in Nature will be discussed at workshop

    At the top: logo of Sustainable Development Goals. Below: Graphics of a horizontal bar graph with two measured categories "Targets inhibited by AI" (in orange) and "Targets enabled by AI" (in green), where the latter (green) shows significantly higher bars. The bar sfor Environment shows 30% orange, and 93% green. The bars for Economy shows 33% orange, and 70% green, and finally the bars for Society shows 38% orange and 82% green.
    A look at how many of the targets in each area would be inhibited or enabled by artificial intelligence. Graphics by: David Callahan
    Published Feb 24, 2020

    The first study analyzing the effect of AI on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was published in Nature in January 2020. In this study, KTH researchers cooperated with Max Tegmark and other research...

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  • Welcome to a workshop on digital twins for smart, energy positive and sustainable cities

    KTH main building in sunset with blue sky and lights from the windows.
    Published Feb 10, 2020

    Are you a researcher at KTH, IVL or RISE and interested in match-making to build research teams in view of upcoming calls? Maybe you are: (1) already performing research relating to digital twins?...

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  • The Digitalization Platform should catalyze multidisciplinary research activities

    Published Mar 11, 2019

    Tobias Oechtering is a Professor in the Information Science and Engineering division of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science school. His own research is mostly theoretical in the area of in...

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  • Tobias Oechtering is the new Director of the Digitalization Platform

    Published Feb 18, 2019

    Professor Tobias Oechtering works at the Division of Information Science and Engineering.

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  • Contribute to or attend the conference Digital Utilities Europe 2019

    Published Jan 29, 2019

    What do resilient infrastructures mean for utilities? The conference Digital Utilities Europe will once again bring together key industry stakeholders to address current challenges of the digitisation...

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  • Digitalization - new name of the former ICT Platform

    Published Jan 01, 2019

    As of 2019, the former ICT Platform changes name to KTH Digitalization Platform.

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  • Register for ”Reinforcing Cyber Security EU”

    Published Nov 09, 2018

    In response to the increased cyber threats, the European Commission published an updated EU Cyber security package in September 2017. This symposium will therefore offer businesses, local actors, indu...

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  • Smart Ageing Prize

    Published Feb 28, 2018

    Smart Ageing Prize is a 50 000 EUR initiative to develop products and services that use innovative digital technologies to support older people to participate fully in social life.

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  • Planning funding for Horizon 2020

    Published Jan 12, 2018
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  • Wanted: Experts for EC Research Programs

    Published Apr 21, 2017

    Sign up as expert for Horizon 2020 and other EC programs for research and Innovation.

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  • H2020 Drafts: Energy Challenge 2017-2021

    Published Apr 02, 2017

    The Energy Challenge contributes to the focus areas "Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union" (SU) and "Digitising and transforming European industry and services" (DT).

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