The Energy Platform

The role of the platform is to create a culture of multi-disciplinary energy research and innovation at KTH. We support the synnergies that enable KTH to play a substantive role in the development of sustainable energy systems.

Energy Research at KTH ~ 450 researchers, 48 research groups and 15 research centers

The development of sustainable energy systems for the services of mankind is one of the major challenges worldwide.

Research and Education at KTH in the field of Energy Science and Engineering aim to gain new knowledge, and to develop technologies and systems that will allow the implementation of a sustainable global energy system with respect to both natural resources and environment




Energy research is conducted in a number of KTH schools, programmes and specialised research centres. This section presents these activities by focus area.

Energy Research


KTH offers a wide variety of energy-focussed educational programmes, including mobility programmes such as Erasmus Mundus, as well as civil engineering undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes.

Energy Education

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