Real Needs, Real Solutions: The KTH Research Platforms

Research at KTH is organised in five Research Platforms, designed to break down traditional barriers between academic disciplines. The goal is to deliver practical results that can help solve overarching global challenges.

The face of university research is undergoing a generational transformation not only in Sweden, but throughout Europe and around the world. Global grand challenges such as climate change, overtaxed transportation infrastructure and burgeoning demand for advanced health care services require broad-based approaches that cut across traditional disciplines.

KTH’s five Research Platforms are organised to deliver focussed, results-oriented study that meets the needs of governments and industries grappling with unprecedented threats — as well as promising new opportunities. The Platforms enable faculty to weave together systems, policy and technology research into visionary solutions, they seed leading-edge interdisciplinary research projects and they oversee the development of young researchers with the skills necessary to thrive in changing environments.

The KTH Research Platforms encompass:

  • Energy
    Batteries, Biomass, Carbon Capture, Fuel Cells, Fusion, Heat Pumps, Households, Hydropower, Nuclear, Solar, Transmission & Distribution, Public & PrivateTransportation, Wind Power
  • Materials
    Metallic Materials, Fibres & Polymers, Photonic & Electronic Applications, Advanced Characterisation, Energy Applications
  • Life Science Technology
    Bioimaging, Biomolecular Tools & Biomaterials, Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Infrastructure in Health, Medical Devices, Life Science Research
  • Transport
    Holistic Transport Systems, Future Transportation Infrastructure, Innovative Vehicle Concepts, Transport in the Information Era, Policy and Institutional Frameworks


The main role of the Platforms is to coordinate large, multidisciplinary research initiatives involving KTH professors and graduate students working in concert with external partners. These initiatives encompass both basic and applied research, and they may involve more than one platform.

The Platforms also advise on investments in faculty and infrastructure, and help build cooperative links with partners in industry and the public sector.

The Platform Coordination Team is responsible for strategy development and implementation together with key researchers from KTH schools. Each Platform also receives external strategic support through International Scientific Advisory Boards composed of leading scientists from academia and industry around the world.

Five Research Platforms; 11 schools
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