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Researcher of the week – Bharat Bijukumar

Published Mar 09, 2021

Once a week, researchers present themselves and how they contribute to the important industrial transformation for climate and competitiveness. This week’s researcher is Bharat Bijukumar - International Student Ambassador, Sustainable Production Development at KTH.

Bharat Bijukumar - International Student Ambassador,

Sustainable Production Development at KTH.

Bharat Bijukumars face.

Why is the industry's transformation to meet climate change in a competitive manner important to you?

My main focus lies in manufacturing and production, which is undergoing a global transition towards automation and digitalization. While countries like Sweden and Germany are leading the path in this sense, developing countries like India are only laying the groundwork for this change while attempting to produce similar output. It is common knowledge that these industries have large scale repercussions on the environment which need to be controlled, however, it is important to educate the global stakeholders of the long-term benefits of investing in the said transition but at practical costs. It is imperative that developed nations and industrial giants set an example for a shift towards an environment friendly industrial transition while also focussing on social and economic development.

How are you contributing to the transformation?

I have focussed on renewable energy and sustainability through my bachelor’s studies and continue to study of the sustainable future of the manufacturing industry in master’s programme in sustainable production development at KTH. I am currently working on my master’s thesis which focusses on carbon footprint calculations in production processes and possible techniques to reduce the same through the supply chain.

What do you hope to have achieved with your research in 10 years?

I hope to use my knowledge and experience gained over the years to work in the manufacturing industry in Europe while also learning of the trends, opportunities and the challenges. It is an exciting prospect for me to play a small part in this transition towards an environment friendly industry of which the opportunity to collaborate with organizations and individuals to generate models for this shift would be an important experience.

What do you wish KTH to contribute with regard to competitive industry transformation?
KTH is one of the pioneers among many top universities in the world, conducting research towards sustainable development. KTH must continue encouraging their students and researchers alike in working towards a sustainable future. While research and study are a large chunk of sustainable development, practical application is what brings research to fruition. KTH must continue increasing its industrial ties, which would provide a wide variety of platforms for generations to come, to keep innovating, work towards improving the global ecosystems and counter the banes of climate change.

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