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Researcher of the week – Lotta Bohlin

Published Feb 25, 2021

Once a week, researchers present themselves and how they contribute to the important industrial transformation for climate and competitiveness. This week’s researcher is Lotta Bohlin, Master of Science in Energy and Environment at KTH.

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Lotta Bohlin, Master of Science in Energy and Environment at KTH

Why is the industry's transformation to meet climate change in a competitive manner important to you?
Three years ago, when I applied for the master's degree program in energy and environment at KTH, I knew I wanted to learn more about, and work with climate change. During these years that I have studied, I have gained a greater interest in the impact the industry has on the climate and it feels like it is the right time to learn more about this as more industries are moving towards a green transition. In my education I have learned much about how different actors are embracing the challenges of achieving the climate goals, both nationally and globally. What has caught my interest the most is the transition from a carbon dependency to a fossil-free production in the Swedish steel industry. This is also an important step on Sweden's path towards a fossil-free industry. Thus, I have developed a large interest in this and I really believe that this transition is an important part of the solution to climate problems, and this is something I also want to be a part of.

How are you contributing to the transformation?
In my education, I have chosen to focus more on industry and production through the choice of the master's program that I will be attending this autumn: Sustainable production development at KTH (Campus Södertälje). In my bachelor's program (energy and environment) I have chosen courses to learn more about the industry and I am currently writing my bachelor's thesis with a focus on environmental improvements in the industry.

What do you hope to have achieved with your research in 10 years?
In ten years' time, I hope that working with environmental improvement will be an essential part of Swedish industry. I hope I will be working with further development of environmental improvements in industry and that the industry should not be seen as an obstacle to achieve the climate goals. I also hope that the Swedish industry will act as a role model for other countries and that we will be able to inspire industries around the world. Now that I am halfway through my education, I am proud to think about being involved in the continued development of the industry. This is something I see as a great opportunity!

What do you wish KTH to contribute with regard to competitive industry

To work with sustainable development can be taken for granted for students who
have their interests in energy and environment, but this does not have to be the case for other engineers in the industry. The program in energy and environment that I am attending has only existed at KTH since 2010 and the master program I am going to attend has only been around since 2018. This makes the combination energy/environment and production/industry uncommon for newly graduated students. I think a way to implement a greener transition within the industry is based on the knowledge that comes into the industry, and I think that is done through the students who graduate from education with these specializations.

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