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About Life Science Day (LS Day)

Since 2012, KTH organises the annual Life Science Day (LS Day, former LST Day) for researchers at KTH as well as external researchers and experts. The purpose is to explore ideas, technologies and innovations of importance for the future of health. Invitations are sent out through our newsletter and also advertised at our internal and external web pages.


COVID-19 and KTH’s research for future pandemics

On 28 October, 2021 KTH Life Science Platform arranged a half-day digital workshop to put the spotlight on what KTH did scientists do to fight COVID-19 and what they are planning to prepare society for in the pandemics to come? Keynote speaker Professor Kenneth R Chien from Karolinska Institutet, co-founder of Moderna, gave a presentation about Moderna´s development of the Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

The conducted program
Life Science Day presented the wide range of KTH Covid-19 research

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