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Here are activities/events that are arranged or proposed by KTH Industrial Transformation Platform. You will also find documentation from previous activities/events.

KTH Materials Dialogue 2022

Materials for a Sustainable World

Date/time: 14 June, 9-17
Location: KTH Campus, Lecture Hall D1, Lindstedtsvägen 9

KTH Materials Dialogue is an annual workshop for materials related research at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. This year’s workshop, organized by the KTH Materials platform, will include scientific presentations under the topic Materials for a Sustainable World.

Completed activities

KTH Materials Platform Day 2021: Materials for Transportation Infrastructure

KTH Materials Platform Day 2020: “Über polymerisation”

KTH Materials Platform Day 2019: Metallic Materials

KTH Material Dialogue Day 2018: Quantum Materials