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KTH Transport Day 2016

KTH Transport Day 2016 was about KTH's current research in the transport field. Several researchers from KTH participated. Parts of the event were filmed and you will find the sections below.

About the KTH Transport Platform 

Innovative Vehicle Concepts

Karl Garme (around 6 min.)

Policy and Institutions

Amy Rader Olsson (around 11 min)

Holistic Transport Systems

Sebastiaan Meijer (abound 8 min.)

Future Transportation Infrastructure

Denis Jelagin (about 11 min.)

Transport in the Information Age

Jonas Mårtensson (about 11 min.)


  • Moderator: Annika Stensson Trigell, KTH Vice President of Research
  • Ingrid Skogsmo, DG Research
  • Tony Sandberg, Scania
  • Johan Tollin, Vattenfall
  • Erik Wallin, BagHitch

(about 1 h, 5 min.)

About KTH's Strategic Partnerships

Johan Schuber (about 12 min.)

National Conference in Transport Research 2017