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KTH's transport research

Globalisation, a growing population and increased urbanisation drives the demand for transportation across the globe. Meantime, transportation affects our environment, our use of natural resources and also requires space. Transport is one of KTH's multidisciplinary focus areas. It integrates activities in transport related research from almost all of the Schools of KTH, in the form of individual researchers, multidisciplinary oriented centres as well as laboratories.

Holistic system approach with five themes

The five thematic research areas  within the transport area aims to support innovative solutions to major transport problems. The idea is to use a holistic system approach in order to coordinate efforts from the most important areas of transport reseach. These thematic areas formulated in a way that helps KTH focus on integrative and systemic thinking, rather than on components.

KTH Transport Platform

Read about KTH Transport Platform

The base of the Transport Platform are the KTH Transport Labs, used by researchers from research groups  either in divisions and departments within KTH's school organisation or (also) in competence centres or other external financed research environments. The platform also co-operates with the other Platforms of KTH's multidisciplinary focus areas .

Centres, SRA's and EIT-KICs

The research activities are based on multidisciplinary Centres of excellence. These focus on complex topics related to transport system simulations and evaluations, future sustainable vehicle concepts, high speed environmentally friendly trains, greening of the infrastructure material supply chain etc. See lists of Competence Centres , National Strategic Research Areas (SRA)  and EIT - KICs  related to transport.