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KTH has four competence centers that research future solutions in energy.

The competence centres are connected to KTH Energy Platform.

Academic-Industrial Nuclear Technology Initiative to Achieve a Future Sustainable Energy Supply (ANiTA)

The centre's objective is to create a Swedish knowledge and know-how base for new nuclear energy technologies that can provide information to enable decision-makers to make fact-based decisions on the future Swedish energy supply system. As such, the centre will be a resource for society to make the independent assessments needed for the transition to Swedish power and energy supply systems. ANiTA is hosted by Uppsala University.

About ANiTA

Centre for Sustainable Nuclear Energy Research In Sweden (SUNRISE)  

SUNRISE is preparing the construction and operation of a Swedish lead-cooled research reactor in Oskarshamn. The reactor will offer commercial services to customers and research opportunities for higher education and research institutes. These services include irradiation of fuels and materials for GenIV reactors and advanced modular reactors and the development of safety assessment strategies for a potential global expansion of small modular lead-cooled reactors.

SUNRISE's website


Competence Center for Gas Exchange (CCGEx)  

CCGEx focuses on vehicle research within gas exchange processes, turbocharging, and thermal management. The aim is to make engines with sustainable fuels more efficient, environment-friendly, and reduce fuel consumption without any loss of performance or increased noise emissions.

CCGEx's website


Production, use and storage of hydrogen (PUSH)

PUSH performs research on the production, use, and storage of hydrogen. The centre’s researchers use electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water and renewable energy, convert hydrogen into fuel cells to generate electricity in vehicles, for example and investigate the possibility of binding hydrogen to organic molecules for ease of storage and distribution.  

PUSH's website