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Life Science

KTH has four competence centers that research on future solutions in Life Science.

The competence centres are connected to KTH Life Science Platform.


AdBIOPRO looks to develop competitive technology for bioproduction with a focus on the coming paradigm shift towards continuous biopharmaceuticals processes and on the manufacture of emerging potent therapeutic agents such as recombinant viral vectors and cell products.

AdBioPRO's website



CellNova pursues research for the development and production of next-generation pharmaceuticals. The centre’s long-term aim is to become world-leading in the development and production of such pharmaceuticals.

CellNova's website



MedTechLabs is an interdisciplinary centre for medical technology research that aims to improve the prospects of patient survival and a better quality of life for people with cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and other non-infectious diseases. The centre creates ways that enable healthcare providers to offer patients more secure diagnoses and better treatment at a lower cost.

MedTechLabs' website


Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab)

The SciLifeLab is a national centre for molecular biosciences with a focus on translational medicine, data-driven life science, and molecular biosciences.

SciLifeLab's website