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KTH has five competence centers that research on future solutions in materials.

The competence centres are connected to KTH Materials Platform.

Center for Mechanics and Materials Design (MMD)

MMD brings together solid mechanics and materials science with the aim of generating processes for the production of superior materials. The development towards more powerful simulation methods within both solid mechanics and materials science, plus higher demands on optimal designs are bringing these areas ever closer to each other. By synchronising these activities, processes for the production of better materials can be accelerated.

MMD's website


Hierarchical Engineering of Industrial Materials (Hero-m2i)

The competence centre works with a hierarchical method to design materials, components, and structures. The knowledge that emerges at the centre contributes to the circular economy and sustainable society.

Hero-m2i's website



Treesearch looks to drive and continuously develop a world-leading research and innovation environment in the form of a national platform to support collaboration between the world of higher education and the forestry industry and to make this more efficient in relation to four pillars: research, collaboration, education and the research infrastructure. The platform combines know-how and knowledge in industrial research and development by creating access to an advanced research infrastructure for challenge-driven research and development to support industrial innovation and enable a sustainable bio-based society.

Webpage for Treesearch


Wallenberg Center for Protein Research (WCPR)

The centre is primarily based on the infrastructure and knowledge built up in the course of the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project to study human proteins and develop platforms for the efficient production of biopharmaceuticals.

WCPR's website


Wallenberg Wood Science Centre (WWSC)

WWSC is a multidisciplinary collaboration between KTH, Chalmers University of Technology, and Linköping University that strives for scientific excellence with the general objective of developing new sustainable materials from wood and the forestry industry.

WWSC's website