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KTH has six competence centers that research on future solutions in transport.

The competence centres are connected to the KTH Transport Platform.

Centre for Sustainable Aviation (CSA)

As residential areas are gradually creeping closer and closer to airports in the country, aviation needs to be developed to reduce noise and emissions. To this end, the Swedish Transport Administration and KTH decided to create the Centre for Sustainable Aviation. The objective is to create leading Swedish research into the control and operation of aviation with regard to the environment and noise in particular. The hope is that the centre will be able to generate societal benefits from both a short and long-term perspective and a local and international perspective. 

CSA's website


ECO2 Vehicle Design

The centre is engaged in multidisciplinary and multi-vehicle research to find solutions to cross-functional problems in the vehicle system. The centre has assembled research expertise from higher education and industry within areas such as aerodynamics, acoustics, vehicle dynamics, lightweight structures, life cycle analysis, sustainability, information science, and modularisation.

ECO2 Vehicle Design's website


Integrated Transport Research Laboratory (ITRL)

ITRL aims to simplify the transition to a sustainable transport system via an integrated research method that brings together several stakeholders. Their vision is a world where future generations have access to social justice and environmentally clean and efficient transport systems. The centre is tasked with developing and communicating knowledge contributing to the switch to sustainable road transport. They aim to achieve this by integrating different disciplines, system levels, and stakeholders in their research.

ITRL's website


Railway Group (JVG)

The KTH Railway Group aims to contribute to the development of railways and the Swedish rail industry, and to make rail more competitive, by developing knowledge within rail-related subjects. Over the years, the KTH Railway Group has sought to improve railways and has engaged in comprehensive concept studies, such as The Green Train. All these projects aim to make rail transport more efficient and competitive than other transport forms. The Railway Group is currently actively involved in around ten Shift2Rail projects where, in principle, they work with everyone involved in the industry, from rolling stock manufacturers to infrastructure managers, operators, university colleges, and consultants.

JVG's website


Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre (SMaRC)

SMaRC is an interdisciplinary research centre for maritime robotics. Their primary assignment is to explore and demonstrate solutions that can contribute to autonomous intelligent underwater systems. The centre focuses on four research disciplines – autonomy, endurance, perception, and communication – to develop next-generation maritime robotics for maritime production and protect society and the environment.

SMaRC's website


Transport Research Environment with Novel Perspectives (TRENoP)

TRENoP develops research focused on land transport and explores innovative technology and policy concepts, intelligent decision-making support at a tactical, operational, and strategic level, and implementation processes.

TRENoP's website