Strategic Research Areas - investing in a bright future

KTH has a leading role in five strategic research areas (SRA); Information and communication technology (ICT), Molecular Bioscience, Transport, Production and e-Science. Among the other areas we have a substantial role within Energy. The strategic research areas are efforts by the Swedish government in certain selected areas.

The leading role will help to deliver a step change in research, enabling KTH to bring forward a new generation of researchers, deepen existing research programmes known for their world-leading status and create new research environments. A critical consideration from the start of the strategic research areas has been engaging society in the research programmes. Focus will also be placed on ensuring that results have impact within society. Research activities are being driven by international caliber individuals.

The strategic research areas represent an opportunity for KTH to secure a world-leading position within key research fields that will affect the future of society. KTH is stepping up to the challenge by actively investing in the people, skills and processed necessary to deliver a bright future.

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