Strategic Research Areas - Investing in a bright future

KTH has been awarded funding in 11 Strategic Research Areas (SRAs); we will manage the funding in five of these areas including Information and communication technology (ICT), Molecular Bioscience, Transport, Production and e-Science. Among the other areas we have received substantial funding within Energy. The funding will be used to deliver a step change in research, enabling KTH to bring forward a new generation of researchers, deepen existing research programmes known for their world-leading status and create new research environments. A critical consideration from the start has been engaging society in the research programmes. Focus will also be placed on ensuring that results have impact within society.

Research activities are being driven by international caliber individuals; the following pages introduce you to them and their research programmes.

Recruitment has been a key issue with the SRAs keen to complement existing teams with high potential individuals from around the world.

To ensure that new recruits thrive whilst at KTH, SRA activities are being linked to our recently introduced Tenure Track system. This career development programme means that new recruits receive a start-up package and career support so that they can build the strong research and education activities necessary to progress through the different phases of an academic career.

We are also providing coordinated financial support and strategic advice to enable the SRAs to seek further research funding.

The next few years represent an opportunity for KTH to secure a world-leading position within key research fields that will affect the future of society. We are stepping up to this challenge by actively investing in the people, skills and processed necessary to deliver a bright future.

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