ICT-TNG: Research for IT and mobile communication technology

Together with mobile communication, information and communication technology (ICT) is today an indispensable part of our personal lives, industry and society.

Person wearing virtual reality glasses.

ICT can be the most important enabling technology to solve crucial problems in future energy consumption and production, climate change, affordable health care, efficient transport and an inclusive society. In recent decades, Sweden has achieved a very strong position in mobile communications. Researchers in Sweden and Finland have driven the development of mobile internet.

Several paradigm changes lie ahead and these affect the ICT industry. The motto of the ICT-TNG consortium is to secure and further develop Stockholm and Sweden as a world-leading center for ICT research and innovation. The new research challenges require system-level thinking where the entire ICT chain is included: components, networks, computer systems, systems and user interaction. New important research areas arise at the boundaries between traditional research areas, which require interdisciplinary collaboration as well as collaborations with industry and research institutes.

The activities also include a social dialogue between researchers and stakeholders.

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Two examples of research results from ICT-TNG:

Research areas

ICT TNG is targeting five key thematic areas, addressing challenges in usability, scalability and sustainability, of paramount importance for the continued development of Sweden as a leading ICT nation: 

  • Interactive ICT
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Data analytics
  • Data intensive computing

Read more about the specific key thematic areas on the ICT-TNG webpage .



Stockholms university, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and KTH.


More than 120 senior researchers were engaged within ICT-TNG during 2018.


ICT-TNG receives approximately SEK 36 million annually in government grants.


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