Problem with e-mail sent to live, hotmail eller

Published Oct 14, 2016

E-mail might not arrive to mailbox at e-mailservices at Microsofts

System/Service: E-mail delivery to,,, and

Interruption: Some e-mail sent from KTH will not arrive to the recipient.

Status: The malfunction is not at KTH and KTH can not fix this problem. The e-mails that is not delivered to the recipienthave left KTH as expected and the recieving server has accepted these e-mails.

Who is affected: Students with forward of their KTH e-mail to,,, and

How the interuption affects you: E-mails sent from KTH to some of Microsoft webmail services can not be found in the recipients mailbox.

Workaround: As we can see so fat is that if the senders address is present in the recipients addressbook at these companies the e-mail will be delivered. If not the e-mail might not even be found in the spam or junk folder.

Solution suggestions:

  • If you want to make sure to get these e-mail you have to add the senders addresses to your addressbook at at,,, and
  • Add the domain as safe sender.
  • Use another e-mail provider than,,, and
  • Remove the e-mail-forward and read your e-mail in the mailservice provided by KTH .
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