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Status for the project for retroactive deactivation of e-mail accounts

Published Mar 05, 2020

In line with decision (V-2019-0587) and starting 1st of October 2019, KTH will start deactivating e-mail accounts and other IT resources for people that quit KTH.

Related to this, KTH GVS/IT was commissioned to retroactively deactivate e-mail and other IT resources for persons whose connection to KTH has already ceased. The goal was to have finished this task by 2020-03-31. Taking into account the changes needed for the individuals concerned, the organisation and the IT services, the work will not be finished by this date.

Status for accounts that are unused since 2016-01-01

During the autumn, KTH GVS/IT has deactivated around 117 000 accounts with associated e-mail addresses and mailboxes that were unused since 2016-01-01. Common to these accounts is also that they do not have an external e-mail forward, i.e. the final delivery has been made to KTH, but left unread for over 4 years.

Status for accounts that still are in use and where the user has quit

The preparations continue in order to retroactively deactivate e-mail accounts and other IT resources for those who have quit, but still use their accounts.

When the time comes, the affected users will be informed via e-mail about the upcoming deactivation and will be given a time limited opportunity to move their e-mail to another e-mail provider and transfer any other personal data they might have.

Our recommendation to those of you who have quit KTH and still use your accounts is to start your migration to alternative e-mail providers today instead of postponing that activity until you're contacted by us.

Our assessment is that KTH will begin contacting users for retroactive deactivation starting after the summer 2020 at the earliest.

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