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About cookies

Cookies are small text files that are used on the KTH web site. Where cookies are used they intend to improve the user experience and help KTH analyze the usage of the site.

Temporary cookies

Temporary cookies are used on those parts of the web site where a login is necessary and for certain interactive features, like the “time plan generator”.

When you log out after a login, the cookie will be erased. Otherwise the cookie will be erased when you close the web browser. The cookie contains an session specific ID so the system will be able to identify you after login. Interactive features that don´t demand login use cookies to keep track of choices you make so relevant information can be displayed.

You can avoid cookies completely through settings in your web browser, but you will then not be able to use those parts of the web site that require login or certain interactive features.

Permanent cookies

In some parts of the website, KTH uses Google Analytics to analyze web traffic. These are saved on your device only when you have explicitly approved them. KTH has activated the service's settings for anonymizing IP addresses.

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