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  • “The industry needs experts in circular manufacturing”

    Hi Farazee Asif, why has the Department of Production Engineering (IIP) started a new master’s course on Circular Manufacturing Systems (CMS) – a course that you are responsible for?

  • This is how we'll work at KTH after the summer

    All campuses will reopen for on-campus education this autumn. Starting 1 August, buildings will gradually be opened to students.

  • PECA will spread knowledge to the industry

    KTH starts a knowledge bank with content that can be used by professional educators to put together corporate training. This way, Swedish industry will be able to offer its employees technical educations, tailor-made for the company’s needs.

  • KTH duo realizing vision for Russian tech centre

    They regularly shuttle between meetings in Boston and Moscow, and stay in constant contact with teams on both sides of the Atlantic; but the pay-off for Mats Hanson and Kristina Edström is seeing a new university take shape.

  • Alternative lectures gain ground

    Is it now time to scrap the traditional lecture altogether? Peer instruction, teaching sessions and project-based courses are crowding out lectures as more motivating and participatory forms of learning. Nevertheless, Jan Scheffel is beating the drum for alternative lectures.

  • Teachers risk role confusion on social media

    Facebook is emerging as a tool for class discussions, but what happens when teachers in higher education mix with their students on a social media platform? A new book features research from KTH Royal Institute of Technology on how role confusion can create problems – and what you can do to avoid it.

  • Railway education at KTH

    The railway industry needs a variety of specialists with all possible skills. At KTH, rail-oriented courses are offered in a number of Bachelor and Master programmes. These courses are also offered as individual courses. Further, there is a possibility to become a doctoral student with the opportunity for a licentiate or doctoral degree.

  • Rail-oriented individual courses at KTH

    At KTH, there are a number of rail-oriented courses at our various divisions. These are offered in our Master of Science educations, but also as optional courses for all KTH or external students.

  • Rail-oriented Master/Bachelor

    At KTH, it is possible to specialize within the railway area in a number of our master's programmes.

  • Master students pitched sustainable energy plan for city in China

    Solar panels and wind turbines where production is supported by batteries that store the energy generated. Biogas as fuel, produced from the city's organic waste. But above all, an innovative citizen oriented credit system that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. That was the proposal for a sustainable energy plan for the Chinese city of Meili that masters students from KTH pitched on a visit there in late September.

  • New organisational structure equips KTH for the future

    On 1st January 2018, KTH will be launching a new structure which will see five schools replacing the previous ten. “We are creating a structure that will provide more efficient and clearer support for our academic excellence and better reflect KTH’s breadth and expertise,” says KTH President Sigbritt Karlsson.

  • "250 students gave spontaneous applause"

    The teacher Hans Havtun has found a balance between structure and commitment. The desire to teach is his driving force. No wonder he finally won the award as the Teacher of the Year at KTH.

  • Education for environment and sustainable development

    Welcome to the pages about environment and sustainable development in education. From here you can find courses and programs that focus on environment and sustainable development. We also have the toolbox that provides ideas and advice on how to integrate these topics into the courses.