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  • Rymdsondflygning från Kiruna?

    Sex studenter från Rymd- och Plasmafysik kan få flyga sondraket från Kiruna 2010. De har nämligen gått vidare till sista urvalsrundan i ESA:s årliga REXUS-program.

  • Astronaut’s radiation study will be critical for Mars mission

    As space exploration inches closer to Mars, research into space radiation will become increasingly critical, says ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang, who was introduced yesterday as the new head of the Aerospace Engineering master’s programme at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • For KTH researcher, report of water vapor on Europa isn’t vindication - yet

    The reported sighting of water plumes on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, appears to confirm observations made by KTH Royal Institute of Technology researcher Lorenz Roth three years ago. Nevertheless, the Swedish scientist remains skeptical.

  • New centre to be hub for space research

    Technologies for extreme conditions, rocket experiments and studies in space tourism. These are some of the activities in store for the new space centre that opens at KTH Royal Institute of Technology on March 1.

  • Team solves mystery at heart of "black" auroras

    While our understanding of how the aurora's shimmering curtains of colour are formed, scientists have struggled to explain the black patches between the bright beams. Now Swedish and British scientists have discovered what happens at the heart of these so-called "black aurora".

  • Researchers in final running to join NASA/ESA asteroid test

    In 2022, NASA plans to ram a 300kg spacecraft into an asteroid, while an ESA-built space probe orbits the egg-shaped body and records the aftermath. A team that includes KTH researchers is among the final five that are competing for their CubeSat designs to be included in ESA's Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM).

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