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  • An Investigative Eye on the Agile Manifest

    Identifying, creating, and developing appropriate work methods for R&D has long been on the agenda for scholars of engineering processes. E.g. concepts such as front-loading, different forms of concurrent engineering, and waterfall are now part of the standard toolbox.

  • New Adjunct Professor at MMK division IPU

    From January 1st 2015 Anders Johansson has received an appointment as Adjunct Professor at the MMK division Integrated Product Development (IPU).

  • MMK employee wins award

    Jennie Björk, Associate professor at KTH Machine Design with the division Integrated Product Development (IPU), has won the Mariano Corso Best Practical Implications Award as a co-author.

  • KTH researchers in place at Almedalen

    On Monday 28th of June the annual Almedalen week on Gotland will start. There a series of KTH researchers will be available through a large number of seminars.

  • Interview with Professor Mats Magnusson in the e-magazine t:

  • Debate article at

    Recently a debate article was published at* namely "Utan innovationer stannar Sverige - men vem leder arbetet?". Authors were, among others, professor Mats Magnusson at KTH Machine Design, division IPU.

  • Machine Design has received it´s first Ph.D. on the subject of Product and Service Design

    On Wednesday the 3rd of September Loove Broms became the first in the department of Machine Design to receive his Ph.D. on the subject of Product and Service Design. The title of his thesis is: Storyforming - Experiments in creating discursive engagements between people, things, and environments.

  • MMK students wins competition

    Venture Cup is the leading contest for those who want to develop their business idea into a successful business concept and start a business. Annually 1.8 million SEK is awarded to innovative business ideas and entrepreneurs with the aim of contributing to a sustainable Swedish growth.

  • MMK students nominated for Lilla Polhemspriset 2015

    Lilla Polhemspriset is awarded annually for the best thesis of the MSc programme or equivalent in Sweden. The prize is worth 50 000 SEK. The assessment of the contributions is performed by Lilla Polhemsprisets committee consisting of senior engineers.

  • Three quick questions to a Ph.D. Student

    Katarina Lund, industrial Ph.D. Student at Scania, is affiliated with the division of Integrated Product Development and studies how employees at Scania manage to make room for creativity in an environment of high demands for productivity.

  • New Associate Professor at MMK division IPU

    From January 28th 2015 Jennie Björk has been employed as Associate Professor in Product Innovation at MMK division Intergrated Product Development (IPU).

  • MSc Integrated Product Design

    The master's programme in Integrated Product Design teaches students how to create sustainable products, services, systems and business models. In one of two distinct specialisations, students either explore product, service and system design in relation to users and markets, or management of innovation and product development processes. Graduates have the expertise for careers in a wide range of industrial and business sectors.

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